Baby Foot Now in the PH!

I was invited to the launch of a revolutionary product called Baby Foot. I personally battle from cracked heels and dry feet. I do moisturize but sometimes moisturizing is just not enough. So although I have never heard of the brand before, I was definitely excited to learn more about it. Who doesn’t want to have soft and smooth feet just like that of a baby’s right? 

Normally when you get foot treatments, it takes so much time and they use a lot of tools! Some even use hot products to soften the feet. Not only can these foot treatments be uncomfortable and time consuming, they can be quite expensive too. And in my honest opinion, some would leave you with soft feet but after 2 weeks, it goes back to its original state and you’ll need to get another foot treatment once again. It’s an endless cycle and for people like me who juggle so many things, this is such a hassle.
Here are some of the awards that Baby Foot received:

During the launch of Baby Foot, we were treated to a pedi party at Dashing Diva in BGC!

Here I learned that with Baby Foot, there’s no pain involved and it’s so simple and easy to use. You just wear it on your feet, soak it for 30 minutes and rinse it off. It can’t get any simpler than that! The catch is, peeling starts about 4 days after applying the foot peel. And it can peel upto 7 days. So it’s best to schedule it when you don’t have parties or you won’t be wearing any open shoes. It’s such a small sacrifice for baby looking and feeling feet for 3 months! Yes, they said that the result lasts for 3 months. Hooray!

Thank you to Beautybox Corp for bringing another winner product here in the Philippines! Baby Foot is now available at Beauty Bar for only P830.00/pack and comes in 2 sizes.


Baby Foot



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