A Delicious Simple Lang Christmas

I was invited to a thanksgiving dinner in Simple Lang. Let me tell you, it was actually the first time I have heard of the restaurant (but learned later on that they’ve been in Ayala Triangle for years now). Thing is, I rarely go to Ayala Triangle because I live quite far away or if I’m in Makati, we’re usually just in the malls.
Simple Lang is an authentic Filipino restaurant and when I saw their Christmas menu, I thought that they serve simple comfort food. You know the food that your mom cooks. They offer no nonsense just delicious food that will fill your tummy and satisfy your cravings. 

The decor reminds me of “diners” with its very vibrant red shades and hint of white. It actually makes the resto stand out! We were seated on the 2nd floor and during the event, there was a choir singing Christmas carols.

We were treated to their Christmas Boodle and a couple other signature dishes. I was a bit late so I wasn’t able to try the other ones that they already served such as Seafood Bicol Express, Beef Kare Kare and Watermelon Bagnet. I was also not able to take that much photos because the other guests have already started feasting and it would have been rude to interrupt them. 😉

The Christmas Boodle included:
Grilled Liempo Hamonado – which was soooo good! It was probably my favorite!
Barbeque Pusit
Pork BBQ – fork tender and tasty!
Salted Egg and Native Tomato– which I’m sure my mom and my amma will love
Shanghai Bites 
Green Mango Salad
Beef Kare Kare
Seafood Bicol Express
Watermelon Bagnet
Pork Hamonado
Inasal Java Rice
Sisig Rice
Bagoong Rice

This is the bomb!!!
We were also offered Sago’t Gulaman which was really yummy too. It tasted different. I don’t know how exactly to describe it was definitely better than the other Sago’t Gulaman other restaurants offer.
And of course for dessert! They gave us Yuletide Blondies and Holiday Revel Bars to try. I was only able to try Blondie at home and wasn’t able to take a photo of it anymore, but if I was to describe it, it’s like leche flan in a cake form. It was creamy, sweet and oh so delish!
Aside from that, I was also able to eat a slice of Lemon Tres Leches Pound Cake. Don’t let this fool you. I actually thought this was similar to a Chiffon Cake but man, was I wrong. It was very filling (duh, pound cake), not too sweet, it had a kick because of the lemon and for sure, it’s best paired with coffee!

So if you haven’t planned your Noche Buena yet or Christmas gatherings, you might want to pay Simple Lang a visit and try their Christmas Boodle!


Simple Lang

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