Take A Break at Neo Day Spa!

Last month, I was invited to try the services of Neo Day Spa in BGC with my plus 1. I thought it was really perfect because hubby and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary. I initially wanted it to be a special post-anniversary treat. However, my daughter's got a sprained arm and we had to reschedule our session for November.

I was so happy that they agreed to book me this month as it's my birthday month! And I have been working on several different things this month and having a little pampering was truly a great start!

Neo Day Spa is in the Net One Building. They've been in this quaint place since 2003 and I gotta say, I lived in BGC but never learned that they were there. Sayang!

Heal the body, calm the mind, renew the spirit.
Our intention is to foster harmony and balance of the mind, body and spirit through holistic healing. 
Our services include massage therapies, scalp treatments, body treatments, reflexology and nail services. All of our services can be combined to create a customized spa day for total wellness.
Upon entering, I already noticed the very minimalist, Japanese inspired ambiance. I loved the smell. Who doesn't?

As we walked towards the registration, we were told that we were getting the Zen Package which was body scrub and body massage. Since I had my monthly visitor at the time, I opted to get the Ingham Foot Reflexology instead of the body scrub.

We were asked to choose a body scrub scent and body oil scent. I believe I chose the Water body oil for myself.

Ginger has been widely used in healing purposes for centuries, penetrating your skin to increase blood circulation while also relieving muscular aches and pains.

Green tea is rich in antioxidant properties as well as a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that can protect your skin from damage.

Wasabi is rich in anti-carcinogenic properties. This body polish renews skin through cellular repair while enhancing the elimination of toxins and reducing puffiness in skin

Black Sesame gently removes dead skin cells while minimizing visible wrinkles as it leaves the skin beautifully refreshed and luxuriously soft.

Fragrant ground jasmine rice mixed with a velvety cream. This treatment creates results using the conditioning, soothing and softening properties of rice starch.

We were ushered upstairs to the lounge and I remembered that H and I were both surprised seeing how big the space was. It truly looked like a secret sanctuary.

This was also where they do foot reflexology, back massages and nail services.

We were offered ginger tea which was my favorite actually.

 Excited na si lola!

And then we proceeded to our room. We were given a couple's room with 2 beds and a shower.

I really love how thoughtful they are. They provided a trey of things that we might need, such as a hanger, a small towel, disposable underwear and a small box for us to put our valuables like our watch, earrings, etc. 

They also provided slippers for us to use which was really useful when it came to showering after the body scrub.

Here's what our room looks like. The look and feel of the room is tied to the whole spa, minimalist.

It's also really great that they have a shower inside the room itself. I had a couple of experiences wherein I had to wear my robe and actually walk our of the room just to go to the separate shower room.

P 2,950 (approx. 150 mins.)
Our signature spa package, your choice of a Zen Body Treatment followed by our Zen Bodywork

The body massage was different and really good. Why is it different you may ask? The therapist dry massages the body first proceeding to using oil. I personally hate dry massages (when I say dry massage, I mean massaging over the clothes) because I feel like my skin is being tugged. But this time was really different. It was so relaxing, no tugging feeling whatsoever. And so when it was time to use oil, I was just so knocked out! It was soooo relaxing. I actually thought I was snoring. Yes, that's how relaxing it was! Haha!

The only thing that was lacking in my opinion was a face massage. My therapist massaged my head but didn't give me any face massage. Too bad because I really like face massages too.

I was lead back to the lounge for my Ingham Foot Reflexology. 

P 900 (approx. 60 mins.) / P1,350 (approx. 90 mins.)

The Ingham Method of Reflexology is the gentle art of using hands to apply pressure to specific points or zones on the feet and hands, relieving stress and redirecting energy. Pressure on these zones of the feet and hands is linked to the glands, organs, and parts of the body. Considered to be a natural alternative medicine and a holistic approach in healing, the Ingham Method of Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourages our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The Ingham Method of Reflexology is the combined work of the late Eunice Ingham, the founder of reflexology, and hernephew Dwight Byers, head and founder of the International Institute of Reflexology. 

The Ingham Foot Reflexology is totally different from the other foot reflexologies that I have tried. You all know how much I love foot reflex that I always always get foot reflex together with my body massages. I'm used to Thai foot reflexology which uses kneading motions and sometimes bamboo sticks. This time was different. The Ingham Foot Reflexology uses a crawling motion. I don't know how else to describe it but basically, the therapist crawled her fingers and knuckles on my feet and she made sure to hit all reflex points. She didn't focus on just 1 area but rather all the different parts of your feet. So you can just imagine how surprised I was when I learned that there were other parts of my feet that I never knew were also connected and linked to my body.

I was pretty much knocked out after the first 15 minutes. It was so calming and relaxing. I also learned that Neo is the only reflexology center in the Philippines that offers the Ingham Method of Reflexology. I highly suggest you try this because it really is a different experience.

 This was also a space for nail services.

After the massage, I went to the restroom to freshen up and here's what it looks like. By the way, they also have a sauna. It's that door on the right. I didn't use it anymore though, as I've said, it was that time of the month. :/

Overall, the whole experience was truly great. My therapist eased all my tension and sore muscles away. Each stroke and crack was so good that I was able to clear my head and just relax. I needed that. For someone like me who juggles so much on her plate, a little pampering every now and then is a must. So take a break once in awhile! And Neo Day Spa is a place to go to to unwind and clear your head and re-energize for the days to come.

Neo Bonifacio Global City
Ground Floor Net One Center, 26th St. corner 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Email: ces@neospa.net
No: 8158233, 8156948, 0921-4779999, 0916-355 18888

Disclaimer: Service is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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