6 Years!!!!

I interrupt our usual programming to let you know that I'll be out of town this weekend. Actually, as you're reading this, we're probably on our way to our mini celebration. My husband and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? It has been 6 years since I married the love of my life! It's crazy.

As we've gotten older and as our relationship has matured, we learned that the best gift that we can give to one another is time. More than the flowers, the presents, the chocolates, we are happiest by being with each other.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that we made it this far. Who would have thought that a "blind date" would end up like this. I still remember the first time I saw him 13 years ago. I never really thought that he was the "one". But now, even after all these years, I am still head over heels for him and I'm still madly in love and kilig. ;)

Anyways, that's it for today as I need to head on out. :D Much love to you from us!!!

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