Recession Coffee by Digital Walker

Since opening their first futuristic and pop-art inspired store in 2004, Digital Walker set the bar for industrial class and fashion forward digital accessorizing. When it comes to gadgets, accessories and tech whatnots, Digital Walker has proved to be a crowd favorite.
But Digital Walker is more than just a store for the tech savvy. They strive to improve and push the envelope, see what else they can offer their clients and create a new concept here in Manila that will surely entice and true tech savvy and social geek.
Digital Walker has recently revealed a new twist in their concept store at Eastwood Mall: Recession Coffee
Recession Coffee shares its space with the fun and funky tech store and have worked closely with the EDSA Beverage Design Group to provide patrons with the best cup of coffee at whatever price they wish to pay. 

First time I heard it, I thought “okay so if I pay P50 I get this much amount of coffee, and if I pay P100 I’ll get more coffee.” But apparently I was mistaken. You get the same quantity, amount and quality of coffee every single time. Coffee lovers and purists alike can now have excellent coffee brews at any price they choose.

Recession’s Pay-What-You-Want concept challenges coffee aficionados to show their caffeinated love by giving them the freedom to pay as much as they want for a cup.

Dan Matutina briefly discussed the image that they wanted for Recession Coffee. They wanted a very relaxed ambiance so that technocrats can park their gadgets and cool selves while enjoying a cup of coffee at the Techie-Lover’s nook. They may chat with their friends, do some light work and even go on social media while having great tasting coffee.

Some of the coffee that you can try are “Dark Matter Theory” beans, which has a well-rounded roasted depth of flavor. For the pour over coffee enthusiasts, a choice selection of house roasted beans from EDSA Beverage Design Group such as the Panama Carmen Estate, Ethiopia SidamoGujiSukeQuto, and Kenya Wakulima grinds are available for coffee-geek connoisseurs to analyze. So whether you wish to have a cup of coffee with a bright note, citrus tone, or deep fullness, Recession Coffee baristas would be glad to sate any discerning taste. 

For the event, I decided on Iced Capuccino.
Kevin Fortun of EDSA Beverage Design Group mentioned that they travel all over the world to find high quality coffee beans to serve at Recession Coffee. I am no expert in coffee but when I tried it, I tasted all the difference!
Pair a cup with colorful, delectable confectionery offerings by Chef Miko Aspiras of Scout’s Honor. Each confection was lovingly created and designed for Recession Coffee. Take your pick from the Honey Ombre cake, Lechones (lechon scones), or the popular #LoveWins rainbow cake.

And of course, I had to get the colorful one, #LoveWins. It’s chocolate cake by the way.

Chef Christine also talked about the pastries that Recession Coffee offers. Coffee is best paired with pastry, that’s just the way it is. And here at Recession Coffee, they have just a handful of treats but they sure know how to perfectly match it with the amazing coffee.

Yes indeed you can pay what you want but you know how quirky Recession Coffee and Digital Walker are. They have a deep appreciation for a dry sense of humor, it would be good to know that each cup will get a price badge to poke fun at just how much cash is received. Here are the badges that they give their clients.
Tricia Centenera-Valenciano. who hosted the event said that she’s willing to pay P200 just because that’s how much you pay the other coffee shops as well. And according to her, it also depends on how big the smile is of the barista who prepares her drink. Haha! 😉

Side note: Let’s just look at Tricia’s outfit okay? She’s truly got it going on!

So if you want a good cup of coffee, or just want to hang out and relax with your gadgets, visit the first branch of Recession Coffee by Digital Walker at the 3rd floor of Eastwood Mall, 1880 Eastwood Building, Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Quezon City


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