Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean

Ever heard of a soap with charcoal powder? Palmolive Naturals has just released the newest soap from their line, Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap. It’s infused with 100% natural charcoal powder that helps wash away dirt form the skin. Therefore leaves the skin clean without feeling dry.
Upon receiving the package, I was somehow expecting a black bar. But I was mistaken, it was dirty white or off white with black particles. I loved the packaging though, as it looked really sleek and sosyal. As they say, black is the new clean!
When using this soap, I could actually feel the black particles also known as the charcoal beads exfoliating my skin. It’s not too drastic, it’s pretty mild so it’s an everyday soap. I also liked the scent. It smelled fresh and clean, just the way I like my soaps.
At the end of the bath, I am left with squeaky clean feeling. Yes it’s true that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. I hate it because I’m pretty lazy at applying lotion so I prefer a moisturizing soap.
Overall, I wouldn’t say this is my most favorite soap. However, it is indeed very interesting and one of a kind. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in the market. If you want to achieve that clean skin without feeling dry just like Angel Locsin, their endorser, you might want to give this a try.
Here are more details about Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap.

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