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I wear a lot of different hats and I juggle a lot of things on my plate. I'm a makeup artist, a home maker, a hands-on mom; I cook our meals, I go with my husband to bring our daughter to school; I'm a blogger, a Youtube content creator and I also handle reporting for our business. With all of these, stress gets the best of me. So having my "me time" once in a while is so important for me because this is my time to relax, unwind and just be still. Salon time allows women to hit refresh on her state of mind, confidence and sense of well-being. That said, it's no surprise that women go through great lengths to find a salon that rises to her need for a rejuvenating beauty experience. On the criteria: a skilled team of hairstylists working within an environment where clients can calm their senses as work is done on them. 

Just recently, I was able to spend a little alone time at the newly opened Cedar Salon.

The newly opened Cedar Salon in San Juan attempts—and succeeds— to fit the bill. Relaxation seeps through each nook in the salon, designed with Asian zen elements reminiscent of spa resorts in Bali—upon entering, the client automatically feels she is transported to a serene world away from the bustle of the city. As client are put to ease by their surroundings, Cedar Salon staff come ready to assist them, with their signature personalized service, offering the best in hair services. In Cedar, technical skills in hairstyling are always coupled with making guests feel that they're in good hands in a serene, spa-like environment. That way, clients are treated not just as another head to style, but valued guests who deserve to be holistically pampered. 

Even though the place was packed when I visited because of the event, I still liked the interiors. It looked calm, serene and homey at the same time. I liked that they played with wooden texture as it helps one feel right at home!

These chairs were so busy during the launch. ;)

Owner Christine Rodriguez recalls the very reason why she thought of re-conceptualizing the salon experience with Cedar: "I felt like my life was boring, routinely and dull, and the idea hit me to start a unique concept for a salon." To wit, Christine's hunger for escape reflects the service that Cedar gives its customers: a chance to reinvigorate the senses and get a fresh charge of confidence brought by beautiful hair. Premium hair services plus complementing beauty treatments complete the whole Cedar experience.

Here's a short vlog of my visit to Cedar Salon:

During the event, I was able to get a mani pedi and also get a haircut by their senior stylist. I was looking forward to this because I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a decent time to just relax and unwind.

Most of the nail polish brands that I saw from their collection are from Orly. I saw just a few from other brands but this is their staple polish. I believe even their base and top coats are from Orly. Thumbs up!

I honestly didn't know what to choose so Kristine suggested these 2. I chose to have just the Classic French Tip for my toes though as I don't exactly like matchy matchy mani pedis. :)

Thanks Kristine for the polish recommendation!

 Teal Unreal and So Elegant

 Nails done!

Next on the agenda was my hair cut. My hair has gotten pretty long and since I don't have time to get a cut, I figured this was the perfect venue.

Since I rarely get my hair cut (I like it long), I only trust the experts. I'm not "that" attached to my hair but I there's this saying, kung hindi magaling ang gumupit ng buhok mo, magtatampo at matagal hahaba yan. Hence, I was really happy that I got Noel, Cedar's senior hairstylist. I knew I was in good hands.

I had only 2 requirements. 1. that my hair will not be super short, medium length is preferred. 2. that my hair can make my face look slimmer. Haha! :)

Achieved? Achieved!

Thank you so much to Cedar Salon for this relaxing me time. I badly needed it from all the stress and the upcoming busy season! And thanks to Digify Corpration for the invite! :)

 Here is the price list of Cedar if you want to book your own "me time":

Cedar Salon
200 A Wilson St., Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan
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