MAC Please Me

I love lipsticks and that's something that I've said over and over again. So even if I have so many already, I still can't stop myself from acquiring more. My mom, who probably knows how much I love lippies and how I create different looks by experimenting with different shades, gifted me with a new MLBB lippie!

MAC in Please Me

I am usually not a fan of matte lipsticks because I find that they dry out my lips after a couple of hours of wear. So in my collection, I would say I only have a handful of mattes. But surprisingly, MAC's matte lippies are not as drying as other brands that I own. I would just apply lip balm in the morning and exfoliate the lips so the crevices won't be as obvious. 

Please Me is definitely one of my most favorite MLBB shades because it has that perfect nude sheen that's not overpowering the warm rosy pink shade. I wear it with any makeup look. whether it be a natural daytime look or even a smokey evening look. I also feel like because it's matte, it actually makes my lips a little fuller.

Do you have one of those products that you can never go wrong with? This is mine! I simply feel like it' my comfort lipstick. I love that it's a muted color that goes with just about anything. Though I wish it's more long lasting. Retouching is still necessary after eating.

How about you? What's a lipstick that pleases you? (Get it? Get it?) :)

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