Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask Challenge

Challenge accepted! I accepted the Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask Challenge wherein I use the facial mask for 14 days and see the results after. Let me tell you, it was "really" a challenge because I am one of those people who are quite lazy in applying masks! I remember my husband telling me, "wow ang tyaga mo" because he knew how lazy I am with skin care. But I really wanted to see how this will improve my skin and what changes I'll see after 2 weeks.

Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask as the name suggests is packed with great stuff that your skin needs. It's a facial lotion, moisturizer, serum and sheet mask in one! It has triple collagen, 30 kinds of skin care essences, skin nourishing oil that promotes soft and moist skin and it has keratin softening ingredient.

And so I put it to the test.

Here's Day 0. I decided to take photos of my face before starting the challenge. All of the photos I took right after taking a bath in the morning.

I got pretty dark because of our activities prior to this day. I also have a couple of bumps here and there from old acne.

On the right side of my face, you can see some freckles, dark spots and my uneven skin tone is very evident.

The left side of my face has an acne mark that turned into a scar and some dark spots and discoloration as well.

When you open the pack, this is what you will see. 40 folded moist masks. Yes, you read it right. 40 pieces! So this should last you for a month or maybe you want to share it with your family too. They aren't packaged individually as compared to other masks. So it's important to be very careful in handling this so as not to tear any sheet.

So here is the All-in-One Facial Mask. It looks like a clip  from a suspense movie. My daughter resists hugging and kissing me when I wear it because as she said "iewww".

I admit it took me awhile before I master how to adjust the mask properly as it was already oozing with serum and I wanted all of those in my face and not on my hands.

So this was the first time I used it. I would keep it on my face for minimum of 15 minutes. The pack suggests to leave it on the face for 10-15 minutes after cleansing. I just leave it a little longer until I feel that the mask is already dry and all of the lotion and serum are already on my face. I also spread and apply the excess serum on my neck.

Unfortunately, I was ill when I started the challenge. I was really weak the entire week so I wasn't able to take photos every single day even though I used the mask every night to replace my night time regimen (after cleansing and toning).

Day 2: 
As I said I was sick so I wasn't able to take a photo right after taking a bath in the morning. For this specific day, I took this photo in the afternoon, so you can already see some oiliness going on.

No significant changes on my skin just yet.

Day 4:

I noticed that my skin has started feeling smoother and more supple. I definitely would compare my skin to my daughter's and they feel almost just as smooth. ;) No kidding!

Day 5:
Can you tell I'm already feeling better at this point from my sickness?

At this point, you can probably tell that my skin has become more glowing and brighter!

Day 7:

During the duration of this challenge, I actually didn't look at my "before" photos because I wanted to see the end result and comparison at the end of the challenge. ;)

Day 8:

I noticed that my skin has become a little lighter than before! Plus I could feel that my skin has become even softer!

Day 10:

At this point, I knew that my skin is definitely better. Maybe in its best form for years! I love that my skin is glowing and the glow is really from the inside and not just highlight! My skin is so supple and smooth.

Day 11:

I was already so eager to see how my skin has improved by just using this one mask. I was also anxious because I knew that the challenge is almost over.

DAY 12:

I noticed that my freckles are starting to lighten just a tad bit. I never really bothered trying to hide them but hey, if a facial sheet will lighten it, I wouldn't mind. :p

DAY 13:

Last night of the challenge!

DAY 14:

Here's a closer shot of my face:

You know how you are so afraid of going out with no makeup on whatsoever? After taking this challenge and using Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask for 14 days, I can now say I'm freeee!

So here are some before and after shots:

My skin is obviously clearer, smoother, softer, brighter and more glowing!

Some of my acne marks lightened and even my discoloration's less visible.

Check out my freckles and dark spots! I know they're still there but they're definitely lighter.

So my overall thoughts? I am impressed! I know I said I'm lazy to put on masks? Seeing how it has improved my skin drastically, it's definitely worth the time and effort! The pictures should speak for itself. I highly recommend this product out! How about trying the 14 day Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask Challenge yourself? And be amazed how your skin will look and feel!

Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask is ony P795.00 and comes with 40 sheets! It's exclusively available at Beauty Bar (Metro Manila branches only).

Instagram: beautyboxcorp

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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