Blessed and Busy Chapter

Hi guys, how are you all doing? I just wanted to blog a little today because I know I haven't been posting regularly. I've just been very busy with our project, our house. Renovation, design and whatnot has become my priority these days. My usual beauty blogs and videos were replaced by interior design and home inspirations.

We are now taking another step into our lives and opening a new chapter. I will miss the convenience and practicality of our old place but I know this is what's best for Robyn and long term "us". 

My husband has been so amazing. He's been in charge of the everyday activities concerning our new place. I am so proud of him. I sometimes feel guilty not being able to help him more. I know that the old me, the more mobile me, will be so active 150%. Ako pa? I'm so OC and so detailed in other things, what more my own home? He's been telling me he's slacking on work which irritates, bugs and frustrates him. See, H is quite a workaholic. But I think at the end of the day, he knows his priorities. And that working on our home in the time being is what he really needs to do.

I am lucky that I was able to ask my sister and my cousin to stay with us for a couple of days just to help me out with the unpacking, cleaning and caring for Robyn.

There's a whole new system I have to learn but I am looking forward to it. So please forgive me if I won't be able to post regularly. Know that I am just here, busy making adjustments and fixing everything for my family. I will try to update you guys through my social media, so follow me. All the links are at the end of the post. :)

This is my life and I am blessed.

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