Majolica Majorca #BeatTheKing

Another mascara that I'm looking forward to trying is Majolica Majorca's Lash King. I have heard, read and seen a thousand reviews on the product so when I received an invite to the relaunch of the new and improved Lash King, I was definitely very giddy.

See, I have loved Majolica Majorca since my first makeover with them. I definitely fell in love with a lot of their products. However, I have never tried buying their mascaras. So it's about time I try the Lash King.

We were told that the improved Lash King has 160x more lash volume and it is infused with 5mm fibers to lengthen the lashes! 

During the event, we were asked to try and #beattheking. I wasn't able to bring a mascara to compete with the king but thankfully, there were a couple of mascaras for us to use. Want to see how it turned out?

Here is my bare lashes, I just curled it that morning with my Shu Uemura curler and didn't put anything on.

Aimee used MJ Lash King on the left and brand M on the right. This is with just 2 coats.

Here's another comparison with more coats. I think she put 4-5 coats because I said I wanted more more more. 

As you can tell, my lashes with the Lash King looks a lot longer and thicker. While the one with brand M just looks clumpy and didn't really lenghten my lashes at all.

Aside from the Lash King, there was also a spread of their products and I saw and was able to test out their new Puff de Cheeks. :)

 It gives unlimited length, ultra thickness, unbelievable fullness mascara that perfectly satisfies lashes.

Swipe a few coats and he'll surely notice! ;)

I am looking forward to using the Lash King and maybe even do my little experiment and see if my other mascaras can #beattheking. :) Lash King and Puff de Cheek are now available at any Majolica Majorca kiosk.

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