H2O+ Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Eyeliners and mascaras are usually the hardest to remove in terms of eye makeup. Those waterproof ones can be a pain in the a%s to remove that sometimes ordinary cleansers aren't enough. So I always use a separate eye makeup remover for my eye makeup. These makeup removers are usually milder to be used on the delicate area such as the eye but tough enough to remove waterproof makeup.

 A powerful oil-free makeup remover that sweeps away the most tenacious eye makeup and mascara without harming delicate skin with Sea Mineral Complex.

One of my most recent finds is H2O+ Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover. I have been using a very-hard-to-remove-mascara the past couple of months that my current eye makeup remover just isn't enough. After looking at my stash, I found a sample size that I received from Sample Room.

  1. Gentle ingredients help soothe delicate tissue around the eye area as impurities are swept away
  2. Pure water penetrates the surface layers of the skin to nourish and plump, so eyes feel and appear refreshed and rejuvenated
  3. Sea Mineral Complex, a scientifically advanced delivery system ensures vitamins and other vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed at the cellular level

What I LIKE:
  • removes stubborn makeup
  • very mild
  • no strong scent
  • no panda eyes!
  • very easy to use
  • little amount is enough
  • a little pricey at P1330 for 120ml

Here's a little demo:

 Using my very-hard-to-remove mascara
(Please excuse my oily face. It's been a long day.)

 I just shook the bottle and put a few drops on my cleansing wipe.

 left- one swipe
right- untouched

 left- 2 swipes
right- untouched

 Here is a closer view:

This has become my favorite eye makeup remover! It takes me half the time to remove my eye makeup compared to my previous eye makeup removers. Also, no panda eyes! :) Just don't forget to shake well before putting a few drops on cotton pad.

Overall, this is a must have for anybody who wears eye makeup on a regular basis! It makes removing your makeup a breeze! :D


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

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