Updated Eyebrow Routine

I haven’t always loved brow makeup. For the longest time, I always keep finding myself going back and forth not being totally contented with my brows. I was either unhappy with the shape of my brows, the products I’m using or the tools. So studying makeup artistry and becoming a professional makeup artist has taught me different techniques and eyebrow shapes that fit each facial shape. Moreover, becoming a beauty blogger has definitely helped me expand my knowledge on products too. I’ve used expensive and affordable brands and I have a handful of favorites.
So today, I want to show you my current eyebrow routine and I’m using just 2 products for this. Can you believe it? This has been my to-go-to brows on regular or ordinary days. Of course I still glam it up and pick it up a notch when I have special occasions and events to go to or if I’m doing makeup on my clients (obviously they’ll want to look mighty fine that’s why they hired a makeup artist).

My apologies for sounding strange. I had a cough and my voice was a little raspy in this video. :/ 
I am still sporting full, youthful looking brows because I think it fits me better. But I have been enjoying highlighting the browbone a little bit more. And like what I said, this is for an everyday look. Very simple, clean and polished.

Products Used:
Tool Used:
Suesh Spoolie

If you want to see the makeup tutorial of this look, click here. It’s my All Matte Makeup Look. I hope that this helped you somehow. Did it? Did it? ๐Ÿ™‚ More videos in my Youtube channel so don’t forget to subscribe there too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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