Shut Up & Kiss Me in My First Time

There are some products I forget to make blog posts about, for whatever reason. One of which is my Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me lipstick. I'm pretty sure you've seen one of these moisturizing lippies in other blogs and have read reviews on them too. But before getting too excited, let me share with you a back story on why I haven't posted about it before.

I first received it as a gift from my friend Roma and then I misplaced it and thought I lost it. I mourned over it because I haven't even used it. I remember just swatching it for a little sneak peek on Instagram and then I just lost it. Fast forward a couple months after, my sister Justine got hooked on these lipsticks. (She owns just about all of the shades or maybe half.) I casually mentioned to her that I lost mine. Next thing I know, she gave me another tube of the same shade for Christmas! Hooray!

Whether torrid or tame, your lips will say it all! This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie is sure to help you make that smackin' statement. This lip-loving moisture stick is loaded with Shea Butter and Collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. High-pigmented, and moisture-packed, this lippie glides on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that's way tempting to kiss.

There's so much to love about this lippie but first thing that struck me was the packaging. It's a crayon type of lipstick similar to Clinique's Chubby Sticks. And all you have to do is twist the bottom, no need to sharpen (in case you're wondering). I have the shade My First Time which is a beautiful classic red lip color. It has a cool undertone which I actually prefer because it actually makes your teeth appear whiter. ;) It also has shea butter and collagen to keep the lips moisturized and plump!

Here is what it looks like:

I know it looks quite awful. It's because Robyn got a hold of it and thought it was a crayon and decided to use it and color our dining table with it. Huhu. :( And did I mention this all happened a day or so after I got it and have not even opened it? :( Sad realities. 

This is the swatch. Only 1 swipe:

What I LIKE:
  • cute, dainty just totally adorable packaging
  • one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I own
  • instant moisture after 1 swipe, ditch the lipbalm
  • non-sticky
  • delivers great color and pigment
  • color is definitely wearable and is perfect for just about any skintone.
  • lipstick and lipgloss in one as it leaves a subtle gloss/shine on the lips
  • You get a lot of product in 1 tube.
  • price is definitely worth it, P499.00.
  • not very long lasting, retouch is a must when you eat or drink.

Here's a shot of me wearing My First Time:

Here are some photos in warm light with my sister Justine:

Overall, I love Shut Up & Kiss Me as it does what it claims and promises. If you want to use and carry just one lip product, Shut Up & Kiss Me is definiely the answer. You get the moisture from a lip balm, perfect color from a lipstick and gloss to top it all off! :)
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