YELLOWMUM: Olivia Robyn is 2!

Today, my beautiful daughter turns 2 years old. How is it that I can still remember the day I gave birth to this little creature and now she's got her own personality? In 2 years, we experienced so many things and so many firsts. And I can't hide that here were bumps along the way, but she has grown up to be a brave, sweet and funny girl and I am so proud to be called her mom. 

She has taught me so many things and made me more patient, more understanding and simply a better person. I never knew what my purpose in life was until I met my husband and of course, Robyn. Now I know that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.

My birthday wish is for her to grow up happy and healthy. That's the only thing that matters to me. She always tells me that she wants me to be happy (he-pi as she calls it) and she doesn't want me to get mad. I know that that's how she expresses her love, aside from her surprise attacks of kisses, cuddles and hugs. I want her to be happy too. I want her to stay funny and brave and strong and independent. But more than anything, I wish that she'll always be healthy.

I love her so much and I know this journey has just begun, but I am so happy that God has answered our prayer and has given me and my husband the best gift, Robyn.

My song for my baby girl.

Happy birthday my princess. You will always be my baby and I will smother you with kisses everyday. Thank you for making mom happy.

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