YELLOWMUM: Baby to Toddler Update

Hi moms, dads and friends, I know it has been ages since I last made a Baby Update. In fact, my daughter is now a toddler. What can I say? I have just been soooo preoccupied that I haven't really thought of filming another YellowMum video. Actually it was Robyn who wanted to do a video. And since she wanted to be in it, I thought why not do another update video. 

It's perfect timing as well since she'll be turning 2 years old this February 19. Can you believe it? She's definitely her own person now. But anyways, do watch the video and be entertained. I swear, it's worth the watch. She is so funny and cute and adorable. No bias, promise. :)

Something that I forgot to talk about was when she started to walk. It's a huge milestone. Can't believe I forgot to discuss that. Anyways, she started with a push toy. She was able to push and walk around 10 months. Although we have already purchased a push toy 2 months before. She would just play with it but she wasn't ready to use it for its purpose just yet.

There are "walkers" that you can purchase from the stores but according to my MIL, it's not very effective since the baby will just let the wheels do all the work and she won't actually learn to use her feet correctly (feet down, walking and not sliding them). It made sense so I really didn't think of buying that. As always, I did my own research and studies and learned that there was such a thing as "push toy" where the baby pushes it and helps her balance. So that's what we got and obviously, at first, she can't walk without assistance. We would still hold her as she holds the toy and pushes.

 Pushtoy: Kaizen Playtime, bought from Toy Kingdom

I'd say 11 months was when she gained her confidence to use her push toy properly. We would practice her walking skills. Ever since she started pushing/walking her push toy, I would set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour where I just let her walk. I would walk with her or ask her to catch me. Then little by little, she gained her confidence. When she slips or falls, I never laugh at her nor do I baby her. I would just tell her that it's okay and ask her to stand up. 

The first time she walked by herself was March 29, 2014. She was 13.5 months. I remember it vividly because we came from a children's party. We went home and played with Robyn. She could already stand on her own so I tried calling her and she walked a few steps to go to me. We did that a couple of times with my husband. And oh God, was I proud! :)

 This was from the party. Day when Robyn first walked on her own.

Then I just continue our walking activity every day. I walk with her for at least 30 minutes in an area of our home that has a bigger space for walking.

And now, geez she walks, she runs, she hops! My husband and I always get exhausted chasing after her. Especially now because she doesn't want to hold our hands while walking anymore. She grew up to be this independent little girl! Oh gosh, I can't believe my baby is no longer a baby!!!

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