Staycation at Marco Polo Ortigas

Finally I get to blog another Rest and Relaxation post. And this time, I am so happy to talk about our overnight stay at Marco Polo Manila in Ortigas, Pasig. We actually got their MPM Card which is the hotel's membership card and it included an overnight stay voucher. We kept it for a special occasion and it's none other than my birthday.

We got the room 3916 but I recall my hubby telling me that this wasn't originally the room that we were supposed to stay in, but whatevs.

My heart started beating fast as soon as we walked in.It has been a long time since I stayed in a beautiful hotel and it was actually my first time in Marco Polo, (hubby's second, the first time was in Davao).

So if you're a big hotel fan like myself (hello to my sisters who love checking in as much as I do), here's a virtual tour:

 OMG. Jaw drop.

I also like their little lounge area.

Something new? You can actually see the bathroom from the bedroom. Literally. It's see through! Don't worry, if you're feeling shy, you can always roll down the blinds.

How can I make our bathroom look like this? So friggin beautiful!

There's the tub and you can see the bedroom!

At this point, you can already say I'm beyond happy.

Robyn seems to be enjoying as well. She started playing and asking me to cut the complimentary apples.

Oh and did I mention, I requested for a pack and play too? I didn't want to bring ours anymore. However, I still brought our own mattress. Marco Polo happily provided us a pack and play, a pillow and some sheets.

Since it was still early and we were going swimming after, we decided to order some food from Vu's and have it delivered to our room. Vu's, if you didn't know is the bar of Marco Polo. It's located at the top floor so you can actually see the city. It was a great sight but since Robyn was with us, we couldn't dine there. (Kids aren't allowed, for obvious reasons.) Fortunately, they were understanding so they just delivered our food to our room. Best of all? I asked for a high chair and they delivered one to our room too. Yey! Talk about customer service!

These were our orders. It was just for merienda so we only got 2 pasta dishes.

After eating, we headed to the pool area where Marco Polo boasts of their infinity pool. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos because I didn't want to bring my camera there anymore since the 3 of us were all going for a swim.

So since was an indoor pool, there was a big disadvantage. The pool was soooo cold. My daughter couldn't handle it and I find myself still shivering even when I was already swimming for more than 10 minutes. 

There was a smaller pool, like a jacuzzi which was hot. There were a lot of people there (maybe because they also thought the pool was too cold). But since Robyn loves swimming, I decided to squeeze myself and my daughter and stay in that small warmer jacuzzi.

In the end, my husband asked us to rise and just continue our "swimming" in our room's tub. The water was just too cold.

Anyways, after freshening up, it was time to have dinner. It was my Birthday Salubong and we were going to dine at Cucina, Marco Polo's International buffet restaurant.

It was my third time at Cucina. And they have a good variety of food. Not too overwhelming as compared to other hotels, if I may add. I was able to take a couple of photos of the buffet. But to be honest, I was just "ready" to eat!

I'm not exactly wowed by some of the food, because I think they're just "normal", so-so. But I do like their steaks and their dessert. They also have a crepe station. Yey!

My birthday's on November, so when we went there, they had some Christmasy and Holiday themed decor.

I know for sure that it wasn't just me who enjoyed the stay, Robyn was enjoying too. She kept running around the hotel room and she kept playing in her pack and play. She would go inside, go out and run around then go back in and so on.

Here's our little family photo-op. I love that after dinner, we just need to ride the elevator and voila, we're back in our room and we can just lie down and rest. Ika nga "buhay baboy" Haha!

We weren't able to take photos in the lobby which is located at the 24th floor because Robyn was getting restless. She was so likot and she kept running around the lobby so we decided to go back to the room right after dinner. Sayang!

So here we are after giving Robyn her night bath and waiting for Papa.

We loved staying at Marco Polo and we hope to have more staycations like this. I had one of the best birthdays ever! :)

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