RejuveClear Laser and Cryotherapy at Luminisce

How's the holiday so far? I hope everyone's having a wonderful time. I love this season, it's my favorite holiday. We all get to relax with friends and family.

Before heading on to all of our Christmas gatherings, I decided to have a little pampering of my own. I tried out some services of Luminisce Holistic Skin. I know that I definitely deserve this. :) It was pretty close to where I was that day, it was in the middle of BGC! You might miss the entrance but they're at the Mercury Drug Building. The entrance is on the left side of the drugstore.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations is a developed boutique clinic that aims to provide wellness, beauty and body care through premium and innovative skin care services. They cater to their patient's overall health across ski care renewal physical fitness and psychosocial well-being. They provide high quality and private healthcare that is achieved by combined expert knowledge and complemented by the latest and cutting-edge laser technology provided within their simple but elegant facilities to keep patients comfortable and pampered.

The minute I stepped in, I was transported to a lavish environment. It looked so beautiful inside the clinic. It somehow looks like you're going to a spa. It doesn't look anything like a hospital nor does it smell like medicine. Haha! You all know what I'm talking about.

Before any of my treatments, I had a consultation with Dra. Kaycee Cuevas Reyes who studied medicine at UST and completed her diploma in Dermatology and Master of science in Clinical Dermatology from King's College and St. John's Institure of Dermatology at Guy's & St. Thomas Hospital respectively in London. She told me about her internships and all her work prior to opening up Luminisce. So she is indeed a wellness expert and a health advocate. I felt at home talking to her. She was really nice and she explained a lot of stuff to me, things I didn't even know!

Two things that really bug me are my stretch marks and my cesarean section scar. Many of you may have guessed correctly because I've been talking about stretch marks in my YellowMum posts. I have always had stretch marks prone skin so I did expect to have stretch marks from pregnancy. But I didn't know it would be THAT much. And as for my csection scar, it's been bothering me because it's a vertical line as compared to a bikini cut. And so it's very visible even when I'm wearing my jeans. So I have been very self conscious when I wear my clothes. 

So here's how my tummy looks. I'm sorry but for my sake, I had to crop the photos. I hope you understand. :p See all of those stretch marks, those are all from pregnancy. And that, at the center, is my csection scar.

So what Dra. Kaycee suggeted is the RejuveClear Laser by Palomar for my stretch marks. She says this is most effective to gradually remove those marks. And for my hypertrophic scar, she recommended Cryotherapy and also RejuveClear Laser.

This is the Palomar Laser. It's leading laser advancement according to Dra. Kaycee. The latest Palomar machine offers cosmetic and dermatological developments in treatments for skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, scar and stretch mark treatment, permanent hair removal, hyper pigmentation and vein removal. Plus, with its state-of-the-art cooling technology, treatments provide more comfort than ever. It's also the safest and most efficient machine.

RejuveClear is a treatment that solves all skin woes in minutes such as my stretch marks and scar, It can also be used on fine lines, deep acne scars and mild to severe burns. It can gradually be removed in a simple step with RejuveClear.

So my session begins. Dra. started pulsing the laser onto my stretch marks one by one. I did feel a sting, it felt like pricking. But nothing major, it was very tolerable. Dra. kept asking if I was okay, making sure that I wasn't feeling tremendous pain. I jokingly told her I have already experienced labor, so this was nothing. :p

Then, Cryotherapy was next for my scar. What it does is it softens the scar to help the laser break down and get deeper into the skin. So after the Cryotherapy, RejuveClear was once again done on my c-section scar.

Here's how my tummy looks right after the procedure. As you can see, the marks have gotten more red which is normal. The whole procedure was over in less than 15 minutes. I couldn't see a thing because they gave me glasses to wear during the session. 

A few hours after, when I got home, my tummy started to feel a little warm and it felt like it was being pricked with a needle once again. Again, it wasn't that painful. Maybe out of 10, a 4. The day after, there was no pain whatsoever anymore and the swelling has subsided. 

3rd day come, my skin was back to its normal state. Although the stretch marks still felt a little rough. So I would lather my Bio Oil every night. I also noticed that my scar was getting darker. Dra. told me this during the session so it didn't bother me. She said it will lighten again if  a few days time, so it was no biggie. What started bothering me was that the scar was starting to feel painful. I continued observing it.

On the 4th day, I saw that there was a huge blister on the top part of my scar. It was really painful when it rubs against my pants or button of my pants. I panicked so I contacted Dra. right away to check if this was normal. She mentioned that this wasn't always the case, although she has encountered a few cases. She says nabugbog yung scar because of the treatement and prescribed me to buy an ointment for fast healing.

It's been 5 days since the treatment and here's how my tummy looks:

Here's a closer look at my stretch marks. Obviously, it's still visible. My stretch marks are almost 2 years old so it will take about 10 sessions for them to disappear. But looking at them now, I can see that it looks  a little lighter. It's also not as rough anymore. I'm sure the texture will improve more in a few days since it has only been 5 days since my treatment. However, it has actually already improved. No more rough patches.

As for my scar, it's still dark because it will take a couple more days before it lightens. I am still battling the blister. It does still hurt when rubbed. I'm on my 1st day of using the ointment Dra. prescribed to me. I can't say much just yet, because it's still in the process of healing. I'll update you guys what happens. 

For reference, here's a before and after of my tummy. If you zoom in or make the image larger, you'll see that the stretch marks now are a little lighter than before. That's with just 1 session. How amazing is that! Some people actually see drastic results in 5 sessions. But hey, 1 session makes quite a difference! I remember everyone telling me that there's no way to significantly reduce appearance of stretch marks. Well, here's your answer folks!

I am happy with how the session turned out. Dra. Kaycee was very nice and she made sure I was okay the whole time. And as for the results, I'll let the photos do the talking. All I can say is I have to save up for more sessions! :) If your stretch marks and scars are fresher/younger, you need lesser sessions to zap all those babies gone! So consult Luminisce right away! I'm also looking forward to see how my scar will look like. I'll probably do an updated post next time. 

I know that theses treatments will help other women who are self conscious just like I was. Invest in your skin! I can't wait to talk about my other treatments at Luminisce. Stay tuned! If you want to watch my vlog when I went to the clinic, watch it here. Don't forget to subscribe while you're at it!

Thank you for taking care of me, Dra. Kaycee and I'll see you again soon. :)

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