Luminisce's Threadlift & Lipo Dissolve

Here’s another treatment I got during my visit at Luminisce Holistic Skin. If you haven’t seen the first one, it’s here!
I was asked by Dr. Kaycee during our consultation what my problems were. I have to admit I think that I’m blessed with good skin. Thanks to my genes, I guess. But one of the things that have always bothered me was my double chin.
When I diet and loose weight, my double chin is still there. It never goes away! I remember back when I was younger, I was always teased because of my double chin. I would try to pat it upwards, hoping that it will improve, but to no avail. When I’m slimmer, yes it will get smaller just a tad bit. But yes, it’s still there.
So with that said, Dra. Kaycee Reyes suggested for me their Threadlift and Lipo Dissolve

Here are some BEFORE photos for reference.

Before getting started, my chin was prepped with topical anesthesia. It reminded me of the anesthesia used for my daughter when she got her ears pierced. Dra. already told me that I might feel some discomfort and possible pain, so I knew what I was getting into. 

This was the treatment room. Looks like a dentist chair right? 🙂
What is Threadlift exactly? It’s a 30 minute treatment using special threads that lift and hold sagging skin. This procedure will give the patient tighter, firmer and younger skin in an instant. And yes, there is no need to cut you open!

And the session begins. I have to admit, I was just a little nervous seeing all the needles that will be used. But because of the anesthesia, I didn’t feel any pain. I didn’t even know how many she used on me. The needle helps the special thread go inside the skin which will then lift it and lessen the appearance of sagging.

The threads used will eventually dissolve inside. I’m assuming it’s the same concept with cesarean section. 😉 Dra. said it takes about 2 weeks before I can see the initial result.

After all the threads were placed, she started injecting my chin with lipo dissolve. This was where I felt discomfort. After the injection, my chin felt numb and so sore. My chin felt like it got punched. Haha!

Here’s how my chin looked right after the procedure: 

After a few hours, I think it was about 6 hours after the procedure, here’s how my chin looked. Scary!

I think you can tell that it’s really sore and swollen. The bite mark’s a mosquito bite so please ignore it.

The soreness gradually subsided day by day. Just to let you know, there was no downtime whatsoever. I was also able to eat and talk properly. I was even able to apply makeup the day after. Dra. said there was no problem. 
Here’s a week after the procedure:

You can see that my chin isn’t as swollen anymore. Although there’s still a little bit of sagging. 
Dra. said for my case, it will take 2 threadlift procedures and 3 lipo dissolve before the double chin will disappear. But after 3 months, I’ll be able to see the final result of this session. So yes, I am looking for that!

I think with just 1 session, I can already tell that the skin definitely got lifted and my double chin really got smaller. Wee! I can’t wait for 3 months so I can see the final result of my initial session.
Here’s a before and after. After 1 week.

Do I recommend this? Hell yes! For someone like me who has been struggling with double chin my whole life, it’s so refreshing to find out that there’s a non invasive way to fix it. 🙂

If you want to see it in action, here’s my vlog during my visit to Luminisce.


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