FreeInMySkin with Physiogel

When Val told me that she wanted to send me stuff from Physiogel, I was over the moon. Not only do I use Physiogel but I believe in their products too. I have already tried their cleanser and I use their lotion on Robyn. But I’m pretty sure that Physiogel is a household name to most people. Simply because Physiogel is the number-one most prescribed moisturizer by dermatologists.

GSK launches movement to empower every Filipina to fully participate in life with Physiogel. They launched the FreeInMySkin Movement to free women from dry, sensitive skin. The FreeInMySkin Movement empowers every Filipina to be free from dry, sensitive skin and to confidently embrace life and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Let’s break the products down and let me tell you a thing or two about them.
 Physiogel Cleanser
It’s a low-foam formula cleanser. I personally used it as makeup remover and it works on light makeup! 🙂 I use it by putting a little bit of product on my skin, massage it and then remove the residue with facial tissue. For Robyn, I use it as a facial cleanser so I massage the product on her face and remove it with water. So yes, you can use it with or without water. I like using this because it’s non-drying at all. In fact, you can feel that the skin is still moisturized somehow.

Physiogel Lotion

I love Physiogel Lotion because it’s non-sticky and the skin feels moisturized even after you take a bath. As mentioned before, I have been using Physiogel lotion on Robyn ever since we finished her previous lotion. And I have to say that this is waaaay better and waaaay cheaper too. Now I use it on my arms and legs too because I have noticed that my skin has gotten dryer this month.
Physiogel Cream


Now this was the first time that I have tried Physiogel Cream and I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that it will be a heavy cream type of moisturizer, but I was wrong. Yes, it was “creamy” and it’s thicker than the lotion but it wasn’t heavy at all. I would use it on areas that I need “extra” moisture. My arms have some dry patches that I have lived with for years and years, and so that’s where I apply the Physiogel cream. It hasn’t exactly cured it but it helps lessen the flakiness of the area.
Did you know that Physiogel is the only skincare product that has the patented advanced PhysiogelBioMimic Technology that works naturally with your skin to make it less sensitive and dry. Like a jigsaw puzzle, your skin’s natural lipidlayers form a matrix, helping to lock the moisture within. This allows Physiogel to repair dehydrated skin, rehydrate the essential barriers and also revitalize the skin―keeping it healthy from within. Physiogel is also free from perfumes, preservatives or colorants. That’s why it can also be used by babies even newborns!
Thank you Val for a lovely gift and thank you Physiogel for making me FreeInMySkin!

Disclaimer: Products are given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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