Conair Easy Start Hot Rollers

Hi guys! It's a stormy day today! It's actually pretty scary. I'm staying home supposedly to fix and prepare all the stuff needed for the LuLu Makeup Workshop. But because of the bad weather, we have to reschedule the workshop to October 11, 2014. For more details and if you want to sign up, (I believe there's still a few slots left) visit

Anyways, my post today is about my new Conair Easy Start Hot Rollers. I asked my in laws to buy me Conair's hot rollers when they went to Canada. There's really not much hot rollers sold here in Manila except for I think Revlon? which costs arounf P4000. I was determined to just buy from the U.S. or Canada since they sell hot rollers like pancakes and the price range is around P1000-2000. I also wanted to try this brand because I've been hearing raves. I asked them to buy the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers. However, I think it was out of stock and my SIL said that this is a newer model.

I have always loved curling my hair for events and special occasions. It's just fun looking a little different every now and then. Since I have straight hair, curling has always been a favorite of mine. I already have curling irons at home but now that I'm a mom of a running toddler, let's face it, I don't have time to curl using an iron and spend xx minutes to finish my whole head. So hot rollers was my next option as I can just leave it on my hair, let it set while I do my makeup and just remove it when I'm ready to go.

It comes with 20 multi sized rollers, which I requested because sometimes I want just loose waves, sometimes I want tighter curls. 6 Jumbo, 5 Large and 9 Small. The rollers are plastic with teeth as compared to the velcro-like material of the Xtreme Instant Heat. 

The set comes with different sizes of pins for the rollers as well which helps lock the rollers in place.

What's pretty neat about this is that it has a ready signal on one of the rollers that indicate if the rollers are hot enough and are ready to use.

So I finally got to use it and let me share with you my experience.

Since I purchased mine from Canada, it's 110volts and here in the Philippines, we use 220v. And so I had to use a transformer before plugging it in. Here's how the ready signal looks:

bright red

I tried to time it as I was hoping it will just be a couple of minutes and I can already start playing with it. So I kept looking at it because according to the instructions, the "red dot" will turn white when it's ready to use. So after 15 minutes, here's how it looks:

pale red

So I waited. I was starting to get anxious because I still have lots of things to do, so after 25 minutes, I went back and checked:

almost white

I left it for a good 5 more minutes before I started using it. I used mostly the small and large rollers since I wanted tighter curls. I knew they would loosen after a few hours. First I put heat protectant spray as always and then followed with hair mousse. Then it was time to use the hot rollers. So I started at the center then just pulled some hair and put the rollers on. Honestly, I didn't have any sort of system when doing this. I just rolled. Haha! I secured all the rollers with the pins that they came with.

It took me maybe less than 10 minutes to put them all in. Imagine that! Then at the end of everything, I was left with 2 jumbo rollers.

Here's how the back looks. Like I said, I didn't have a system so it was a little messy looking.

After setting my hair, I decided to eat first and feed my baby. After 20 minutes or so, I let it down and put a little bit of hair spray. I know that it looks so curled and tight but I let it be because I knew it will loosen eventually. So I walked out my door looking kinda cray cray. Hihi!

So dinner here we come! I met up with my family for my youngest sister's birthday. Here's how my hair looks after 3 hours. Sorry I don't have a close up photo and we only used our phone to take the pictures. The place was a little dark but as you can see, the curls loosened up like what I said. And this is the kind of curls I want.

It was the perfect curls. I decided to put a hair pin on one side just to style it a little.

7 hours after releasing the curls, here's how my hair looks. It was around 11:00pm and we just got back from dinner. As you can see, I now have waves instead of defined curls. 

The curls didn't exactly last the whole day but I don't know if it's the hot rollers or just the products that I use on my hair (i.e. mousse, hair spray) so I still have to test and try it out a couple more times. What I like about the Conair Easy Start Hot Rollers is how easy it is to use! And that I don't have to worry about it because it sets the hair for you as you do other things. And for a busy mom like me, that's the dream! I just hate that it takes SOOOO friggin' long to heat up. I don't know if that's the case with other hot rollers or if it's because of the transformer I'm using but if I was in a hurry, I still wouldn't be able to use this because it takes forever to get ready.

Overall, I'm neutral on this and I still have to test it a couple more times. I want to see if what will make a difference and then share with you tips when I've already perfected using it. :)

How about you? Any tips or recommendations? Have you used hot rollers before?

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