BaByliss Miracurl and Hair Competition

Since I already talked about a hair product in my previous post, here’s another exciting and innovative tool for women who enjoy curling their hair.

BaByliss PRO‘s new ground-breaking product is MiraCurl. It’s ideal for mid-length to long hair. It creates beautiful, long-lasting curls, quickly and effortlessly.
I went to the launch of this product and was able to try out the MiraCurl myself!

How perfect are these curls!

It’s actually easy to use. They also say that it’s safe because of the unique ceramic curl chamber so you won’t accidentally burn yourself. There is also a beep indicator that tells you when your curl is ready. πŸ™‚

Here is how mine turned out using the defined curl setting:

My date for the day, Gem‘s turn:

Key features of the MiraCurl:

  • Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the curl
  • 3 heat setting (190, 210 and 230) for long lasting results
  • 3 timer settings, automatic, 8 secs, 10 secs and 12 secs with audio beep indicator for different curl effects
  • 3 curl direction control, right, left or auto for various wave hair styling
  • ideal for use on different length of hair
  • temperatire ready indicator light
  • auto-off
  • salon length swivel cord

3 Beautiful Steps:

  1. Select a section of hair no more than 1.5″ wide, hold the curl close to the top of the section, with the ceramic curl chamber facing towards the head.
  2. Close handles and watch as the hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber.
  3. Hold until 4 beeps signal the curl is ready. Open to release the MiraCurl.

Well did you know that there’s also a fake?
Real | Fake

So to show you that buying the authentic one is way way way better than buying the fake:

They do look pretty similar although you can still spot the difference especially by looking at the results.

Fake BaByliss MiraCurl
Look at how limp and messy the hair looks:

Here you can see that the curls are smoother and shinier:

Authentic BaByliss MiraCurl
Bigger, better and simply perfect curls!

What I LIKE:
  • perfect curls everytime
  • consistent quality
  • so easy to use! Even a beginner can use this.
  • shiny looking hair
  • heavy, tiring to use
  • pricey at P9995
  • They say it’s fast, but I feel like it’s just the same speed as using a curling iron. Takes 5-12 seconds per strand.
  • The chamber can only draw small amount of hair each time.
Overall, I fell in love with this tool. As you know, my problem with my fine hair is that curls don’t last a long time. And after trying this, I saw that it actually lasted the whole day! They didn’t even use any finishing or hair spray! The only downsi
Here’s my blogger friend Gem of RareVanity!

Thanks for the chikas and ride Gem! πŸ˜€

After the presentation comes the hair competition. Beauty bloggers were asked to judge and pick the winners for the 2014 BaByliss Hair Competition.
I was one of the 10 judges that day and let me tell you, it was a tough job for all of the finalists were so talented!

2014 contestants
The contestants all used BaByliss tools to create amazing looking hairstyles and all of them used the new MiraCurl to achieve beautiful curls!

Here are their muses:

Before they announced the winner, past winners from 2013 showed their talents. I was telling my fellow bloggers how you can see that they’re really pros. They weren’t nervous, they were calm and just in their zone! I loved watching them do their magic!

I loved the different interpretations they came up with:

Now onto the winners. In my board, I actually had a tie. So it was also very exciting for me to find out who the winners are.
2nd Runner Up: Perla Aquino

1st Runner Up: Nathan Ferolino

Grand Winner: Sean Clores

OMG, I die!

I looooveeee MiraCurl and I’m definitely going to save up for it. I already have a number of hair curlers for clients’ use and I have my personal curling iron and hot rollers too but what can a girl do? Haha!

Photo grabbed from Bec

Now for the great news! The MiraCurl is Php9,995, but YellowYum readers and followers get a wonderful discount. You can get an exclusive discount of 20% if you purchase through my blog! Want one for yourself? Simply email me πŸ™‚




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