YELLOWMUM: #oliviarobynturns1 Birthday Cake

It’s time to continue my review on my daughter’s 1st birthday. I still have a couple other posts on these, but I just have so much blog entries to do so it’s been taking a backseat.
Well for today I wanted to talk about her birthday cake. I remember I was looking at different “ice cream” inspired birthday cakes and they just didn’t appeal to me, until I saw an ice cream cup. I knew I wanted her cake to be just the right size. I didn’t want a huge cake, because let’s face it, it would be too expensive. But I didn’t want t mini one either that it won’t look good in photos.

I also went to several birthdays/themes/celebration expos to gather suppliers and ide`as for her birthday and I came across Hearts and Bells. You can customize your cakes and they’ll make it for you. We met with the designer and tasted their different flavors and also asked for quotations.
Well the design that I chose was inspired by Baskin Robins. I liked it right away because it looks cute and it’s just 2 layers, which means lesser cost!

So I chose the Tropical carrot flavor, trust me, it was delicious. And since it was 2 layers, I chose one layer to be styro and the other is the real cake. As you can see in the photo above, I also tweaked the colors and changed the “BR” initials to Robyn’s given name- Olivia Robyn.

This is how the cake turned out.

It’s sooo cute! And best of all, I had no problems dealing with Hearts and Bells. They delivered right on schedule. They were very professional and they were very easy to talk to.
I asked my party stylist to create a cake stand that will elevate the cake since it was only 2 layers. (I know that some are able to spend for 5 tier cake. Not us though.)
I saw this design and asked my stylist to recreate it for our cake. 

Here’s how it turned out. The cake table was placed on the stage so that everyone can see when Robyn blows out her candle.

I really liked the cake! And a lot of people did too. We didn’t share the cake anymore since it was a small cake. But I saw some of our guests taking photos of the cake. 🙂 It was really yummy too! I remember coming up after the party and taking more photos of it first before eating. Of course, I gave Robyn a bite also and she definitely enjoyed her own cake! 🙂
I surely recommend Hearts & Bells. I already put them on my list for any cake requirements because they’re more affordable, they make cute cakes, flavors are really good and they’re very professional.
Main office: 934 Alvarado Street, Binondo, Manila
Mobile: 0917-5379388/ 0922-8669777
Telephone: 242-05-99/ 244-02-55
Side topic, my friends, who are also the godparents of Robyn, started their blog. They’re pregnant and due this coming December! Check out their blog here and in case you’re wondering, yes the name of their soon-to-be-daughter, soon-to-be-kinakapatid of Robyn is Light. Do say hi and tell them I sent you. 🙂

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