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One of the things I wanted for sure was a nice party for Robyn. I just think that since you're already spending for the party, might as well make it presentable. Presentable doesn't always mean expensive. It only means you put more thought into the decor and feel.

I suck at DIYs. I really do. Also, having a little girl with no help really take up a lot of my time. You see I'm a full time mom yet I have work on the side and I do makeup jobs as well. Did I mention I also cook and clean the house? So I knew I wouldn't be able to do it efficiently and beautifully.

My husband agrees. He told me that it's better to hire a party stylist so that I won't have to bother and worry about the decor. This was a very easy decision for us since we initially was going to have the party and the baptism on the same day. I knew I wouldn't have time to check on the venue before the guests arrive, so having a party stylist will allow me to keep my sanity. Haha!

At first, I had 3 party stylists in mind and upon talking to them, I chose The Party Studio. I stumbled upon their Facebook page and fell in love with their decor. They sent me their packages and I chose the Posh Shabby package which consists of mostly lanterns and paper pompoms. The other package uses balloons as their main decor. But since Robyn's a girl and I wanted it quite girly, I knew a chic design was the best.

They have a package that already includes the host/magician/ventriloquist so I got that. That means less stress for me to find a host/magician. Just to let you know he was actually good and very entertaining! There were games not just for the kids but even for adults too. I also got their photobooth and their candy buffet. But more on that later. ;)

Pinky, who's the owner of The Party Studio was very easy to talk to. She was very accomodating and was quite helpful during the event itself. I admit I'm a very meticulous and OC woman. I've always been. It's both my stregth and my flaw. So I knew that even though I wouldn't be the one designing the venue, I wanted to be very hands on with the inspiration and design. So I asked if we'd be able to have meetings before the event and she said yes. Unfortunately, we were only able to meet once during the contract signing. The rest of the conversation was done thru emails.

I sent a lot of different inspirations and ideas that I wanted. I searched the net for a whole lot of photos and looks that I wanted to incorporate in the party. The theme that I chose was Ice Cream Party. Simply because I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to be different from the usual themes. I also didn't want a girly girly theme. And I wanted it to be something unique. Below is my vlog on the Party Theme.

I'm happy that most of the designs that I liked, The Party Studio was able to execute. I loved the color combination Pinky suggested to me when I told her I didn't want a pastel party. It just worked really well.

 Just look at this ceiling decor!

 Wishing tree tags, I chose popsicle and ice cream shapes.

 Table Centerpiece

I also loved the frames they lent to us. There was a framed photo of Robyn on each table. The Party Studio also provided the place mats which just made the whole look come together.

One of my most favorite is the straw design. The Party Studio provided paper straws for the guests and I asked them to put a little ice cream cone on it. I got the idea from Pinterest.

The backdrop was fantastic. I remember when they first showed a photo similar to this and asked if I wanted it. I definitely did. It was neat yet it showed an Ice Cream Parlor feel. I chose to change the roof color though to a more vibrant one. There were hanging ice cream cones too. And the lettering was part of the package. (No, we weren't able to take those home.)

Also saw this simple yet really cool idea for the kids' tables and just knew I had to have this too! Just place the napkin under the paper plates and make it look like an ice cream cone. 

I guess there were a couple issues along the way. There were a couple of things that they weren't able to add though. I wanted like a chalkboard with some information about Robyn. Pinky said she'll put it right at the entrance, but they weren't able to do that. Also, there was supposed to be a Celebrant Memorabilia and I actually brought some stuff of Robyn, but they weren't able to decorate and style it too. I guess because the venue was really packed and there wasn't much space for that anymore. And I wish the wishing tree was highlighted more. Because a lot of the guests didn't really see it and I think it would have been really great to have more wishes and notes for Robyn.

But even though there were some issues, they were so easy to talk to. I was even able to ask them to add some more centerpieces since we had a lot of guests and we had to add a couple more tables. They styled a lot of the tables without questions asked! :)

I have always chosen to work with people I'm comfortable with and Pinky and her husband Bonnie were very down to earth, easy to talk to and very friendly. Overall, I'm really really happy with their service. And I do recommend them to those who want the get a party stylist. I have no regrets and I know that they made the party even more fun and because of them it was even more successful! :D

The Party Studio
Phone: (02) 252 4056
Email Address:

*Not much photos because I wasn't able to take any during the party. I would like to give credit for the photos above to: Ed New.

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