YellowMum: Nursing Mom Nursing Cover Review

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to breastfeed. Strange as it may seem because none of me and my sisters were breastfed. We lived in the formula era. Anyways, when I found out I was pregnant, that desire just got bigger and my husband was supportive all the way. H was a dog breeder years back and he saw first hand how breastfeeding (yes even for dogs) does magic and wonders.
To date, I have been breastfeeding Robyn for 16 months and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Why should I when I see all the benefits and convenience of breastfeeding? I am now a stay-at-home/work-at-home/take-home-work mom who does makeup work time and time again, so I’m lucky to be a 100% hands on mom. I’m with her every minute of everyday so I usually choose to direct feed her instead of bottle feeding. Because of this, I knew I need a nursing cover.

I received my Nursing Mom nursing cover during my Sweet Safari Baby Shower. It was on my wish list and I’m so happy that my friends got even the print that I wanted.

I knew I needed a good nursing cover because I was going to nurse in public. Actually, I realized that some establishments don’t even have nursing rooms so good thing I have a cover just to be more discreet about it. 
What I LIKE:
  • Nursing Moms has a lot of different prints to choose from. But this one is my favorite. I find it very classic with the black and white print.
  • Size is really good. I’m able to cover everything that needs to be covered.
  • Has a soft bone and an open neckline so you can see your little one.
  • Has an inner pocket for a hanky.
  • Comes with a useful bag to store the nursing cover neatly.
  • a little pricey. It was around P995.00 if I’m not mistaken.
I love this nursing cover! I love the fabric, the bone, the bag, the print, everything about it. I know the price may be quite steep as compared to other brands. But I find that the fabric is a whole lot better. It’s thicker but it’s still breathable. The other brands I saw were quite flimsy and I was afraid they might be see-through. I had no problems with this nursing cover whatsoever. I also like the size of this and the neck strap size. I feel like this will fit even bigger women. Again, I’ve tried fitting other brands, but I find that this was in the top of my list.
Here are some photos in action: 

FYI, I was nursing her while walking. Hence the weird placement of the nursing cover. :p

Happy Nursing! 😀


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