Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Best Friend!

I'm a mom of a toddler and I have to say, ever since I gave birth my OCness just became more extreme. I find myself washing my hands ever so often. I clean areas before I place my daughter there. So I was really happy when I received Hygienix' complete line from SampleRoom. You see I never leave the house without a sanitizer or alcohol in my purse. And now that I have a kid, I never leave the house without a sanitizer AND alcohol in our diaper bag.

Let me tell you how I use them.

 Hygienix Hand Care Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

Basically, I use this before and after I eat or honestly, whenever I feel like I need a little refreshing or I need to clean my hands somehow. It's so convenient to use since you don't need to wash or rinse it off.

 Hygienix Hand Care Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray

I use this just like how I use my Hand Sanitizer. The only difference is this does not in gel form, rather in a liquid, alcohol form. I personally think it's really up to you and it's your preference which to use.

Hygienix Ethyl Alcohol Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant

I use this mostly for my daughter. I use this to clean changing tables before putting our changing mat. Believe me, you have to do this! I also use this to clean the high chair before placing my daughter in it. High chairs usually get dirty because let's face it, kids are messy eaters. Haha!

Hygienix has a unique formulation that kills 99.99% germs on contact. Unlike ordinary alcohol and hand sanitizers, it comes in a unique and handy spray bottle that is more convenient and efficient to use. It is also enriched with non-drying and moisturizing formulation to keep your hands soft and smooth. It also has a dual scent technology that transforms it to a refreshing scent.

What I LIKE:
It has a light clean scent.
It kills 99.99% germs!
They have awesome shaped packagings. They veer away from the standard squarish packaging.
Very convenient to use. The travel size products are compact enough to fit in your bag.
Easily available. It's available in leading supermarkets and department stores.

I can't think of one!

I want to thank SampleRoom for introducing me to this brand! It is definitely heaven sent for people like me. ;)


Disclaimer: Products are given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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