Fail: Ever Bilena Sharpener

Today I wanted to tackle something different. It's a makeup tool that I purchased because 1. I needed it. 2. It was inexpensive. 3. I didn't feel the need to buy an expensive or a branded sharpener. Yes, I am talking about eye pencil sharpeners.

The most recent eye pencil sharpener I bought is from Ever Bilena. It was very affordable, only P50.00. I didn't even blink and just got it as I was already heading to the cashier. It's a must to have an eye pencil sharpener. I use it for my eyebrow pencils, eyeliners and lip liners. I also have jumbo eye pencils so I needed something that can sharpen even thicker/bigger pencils.

What I LIKE:

  • black sleek design doesn't look cheap
  • has 2 sharpeners in 1 (for jumbo pencils and regular sized ones)
  • has a cover so the mess is contained.


  • The cover keeps falling off which leads to mess everywhere!

Need I say more? One of the things I initially liked about it was the cover. I kept thinking this was so much better than my old one (which didn't have any) because before, I had to  make sure I sharpen near a trash bag or trash can. It was such a hassle. But this backfired! I would use it to sharpen and stick it in my makeup bag. And when I finally find a trash can to throw the debris, they're already all over my makeup and my makeup bag is left so messy. :( This is such a fail. I had to use a scotch tape just to keep the cover on. Definitely regret buying this. So I'm on to finding a new cheap but GOOD eye pencil sharpener.

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