Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2014

One of the oldest skin care/cosmetic brand is Shiseido. Did you know that they’ve been around for more than 140 years? This year they held an International Beauty Fair in SM Megamall and I decided to go and attend their workshops because they invited Momoko Ishibashi of Shiseido Japan to conduct the workshops.

My daughter brought me to the beauty fair. Future kikay right there! :p

There were different booths in the area, so while waiting for the workshop to start, I went ahead and enjoyed what the rest of the fair. There were really yummy cupcakes.

I really really liked these cupcakes! The frosting’s to die for!

There was a nail art booth.

Makeover stations! I was supposed to get a makeover but I was in a rush so I wasn’t able to get my Shiseido look. Too bad.

And there was also a skin analysis technology. I just had to get my skin assessed.

Apparently my skin needs hydration and is quite oily. I already knew that I have combination skin, so this just confirms it. Haha!
I was happy to find out that my skin is clear and resilient! Even though I’m usually tired and sometimes stressed, I’m still able to take care of my skin. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Here’s Miss Momoko Ishibashi of Shiseido Japan:

Amy of Luxasia looked great. I loved her makeup!

The first workhop was Radiant Glow. It can be achieved my embracing your inner glow. She talked about being happy as it definitely brings out our natural glow.

As exepected, skin care was up first! Shiseido actually focuses on skin care and they have a lot of great skin care products such as the Shiseido White Lucent line. One of the products used in this workshop was the Total Brightening Serum that lets you achieve brighter skin by brightening all 5 layers of the skin.

The concealer that was used on Robin was the Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. And I must say, I’m pretty impressed. I actually liked this a lot. It did brighten up Robin’s face.

One of the questions asked was what’s better BB cream or liquid foundation? Momoko answered by asking where you’re going or what you’re doing. For a more natural look, opt for BB cream as it gives light coverage. But if fuller coverage is needed, then definitely go for a liquid foundation.


The next workshop was Summer Glow. As you know, sun speeds up the aging process and it can cause sunburns and deep penetration of the ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles. So protecting the skin from the sun is very important.

Shiseido has a Suncare line which has sunscreen-infused base to protect the skin from UVA and UVB and giving us the coverage we need.
Did you know that the 360 Degree Super Veil Foundation protects the skin from damage caused by external aggressors? It’s also resistant to water, perspiration and sebum. And best of all it lasts for 12 hours! Perfect for summer indeed!

I love the Face Color Enhancing Trio! It’s a multi-colored face enhancer that can be used as blush, highlight and bronzer. Definitely getting this!

Wasn’t able to take a “Before” photo of Kat.
The last workshop I attended is Timeless Glow. The skin has a deep radiance, no dullness, wrinkle-free and is resilient; that’s how you describe timeless glow.

For this workshop, it was mostly about skin care. I personally thought that more mature women would like the Future Solution LX Superior Radiance Serum. It’s a premium skincare line of Shiseido that fights global aging signs and resists future skin damage. It even has sebum control.It has a brightening and whitening effect and a polishing effect to the skin.


More photos:
Here I am with Momoko

with Kaye, Jen and Robin


By the end of the workshops, I got a certificate! Thank you Shiseido! ๐Ÿ™‚




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