Hair Velcros!

I remember the first time I saw it from one of Jen’s of Frmheadtotoe videos. She used this ribbon shaped “thing” and all I can think of was “what the heck is that?” Fast forward a couple more months, I saw it available in Philippine shores!
Well, I normally do my makeup before I do my hair (if I decide to do it). so my hair is usually in the way and so using pins was the way to go. The downside is that you get this clip marks on the hair- kinda unattractive especially if you’re wearing your hair straight and down.

So the future is here! Say goodbye to clip and pin marks! Hair velcro is the answer!

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You stick it onto the hair, and the velco grabs on to the hair. This way stray hair, bangs are out of the way and makeup application becomes easier.

Here’s a sample. I think there’s different shapes but what I have is heart-shaped. It helps me a lot since I usually have my hair down and straight so clip marks are really obvious. Also, I have the fan right in front of me when I put on makeup, so you can just imagine my bangs everywhere so the hair velcro really helps tame those suckers while I finish my makeup.

I got this as a freebie from a hair accessory store in Market! Market! Unfortunately I forgot the name of the store. Though I’m pretty sure you can find this from any hair accessory stores. 🙂

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