Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Red Wine

What is my favorite dark red lipstick? I remember a friend asked me this when she saw me wearing my Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Red Wine that I got from Sample Room. First of all, I personally don't wear red lipsticks on an everyday basis. I feel like it just isn't me. But there are times that you just want to dress up a little or you want to look more sophisticated, so red lips is in order.

I feel like choosing a good lipstick is very important. One of my darker shade of lipsticks is Colour Collection in Red Wine. It's a moisturizing lipstick which I feel helps lipstick application a breeze! Plus it doesn't bleed. Imagine wearing red lipstick then it bleeds, que horror!

What I LIKE:
  • very moisturizing, no need to wear lipbalm
  • semi-long wearing
  • satin texture
  • I can wear it without lip liner and it doesn't bleed

  • I wish it was more long lasting.

Here's a swatch:

And here are some photos of me wearing Red Wine:

I guess the most important thing is not to overdo it. Try to keep the focus on the lips and keep everything else subtle. Also, when you do wear a red lip or any vibrant or bold shade of lippy, "own" it! You look gorgeous! ;)

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