Photo Entry: Trip to Mind Museum & Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit

A few weeks ago, when my family haven't catch the flu yet, we decided to visit the Mind Museum. Seriously, we're usually near the area but have never gone to the museum. My husband and I both enjoy going to Science centers. I guess we found that out during our honeymoon when we went to Singapore and visited a Science center there.

I wasn't able to get lots of photos because I was busy carrying my baby while trying to take it all in. We decided not to bring a stroller anymore because hey, it would have been such a hassle lugging that around. I decided to wear her using our Saya carrier.

Anyways, this isn't going to be a review of the museum just because I wasn't able to take photos that much.  So this is just going to be mostly my baby's photos. Haha! Here are some photos that I was able to take:

Here's mom trying to take a photo of Robyn. She just woke up so she wasn't really in the mood. Haha!

There were several areas that you can go to, check out and explore. I loved going to all. I enjoy reading each article and description. I feel like it's like studying all over again, except you're on a field trip.

Here we are posing with our new friend:

One of my favorite photo places was this huge chocolate bar with a fly on it. So cute! Hehe!

Here's the second floor and mom still trying and failing in taking photos of Robyn. Haha!

Okay I'm so proud of Robyn. She didn't cry that much, she actually just cried when she got hungry.  Look at her being so malambing and hugging her dad.

We then visited the da Vinci Exhibit since it was also open the time we went to Mind Museum. OMG can I just say, I didn't know that da Vinci was so much more than an artist. Did you know that he invented too! He's soooo brilliant! Definitely loved the exhibit and learned so much about this genius!

Nursing Robyn during our trip

Of course we had to take a photo with the famous Mona Lisa! But tell me, are you looking at her or Robyn? Isn't she the cutest? :)

While waiting for the film showing, Robyn was so cooperative and was photo ready. :p

That's about it! I just had to share these adorable photos; mostly of my daughter. Haha!

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