Etude House Oh My God!! Dry Shampoo

One of the things that I thought I needed after giving birth was dry shampoo. In our culture, there's this tradition called Ge Lai. (Here's another blog post I saw about it.) I knew that I had to do it since my in laws are quite traditional. And honestly, I felt that it was good and necessary to some extent but there are some things that just aren't practical anymore. Anyways, fast forward to me being pregnant, I knew that one of the hardest would be not taking a bath for a whole month. (Initially my mil said it's best to not bathe for 2 months. But let's face it, we live in the Philippines and given the weather here, it's just not something I was willing to do.) So I scouted for a dry shampoo, because I knew my hair will all be sticky and I would feel like a mess. I didn't find any (at that time) but my good friend Mari was able to purchase one from Etude House when she went to Korea.

Etude House Oh My God!! Dry Shampoo
now available in the Philippines
less than P500.00

I was so excited to finally have a dry shampoo and thought this will definitely make my ge lai more manageable. Basically you use it just like hair spray. Then use a comb to brush the shampoo on the hair.

Now here are my thoughts:

I like:
  • cute packaging- Etude House always has cute packaging
  • made my hair soft
  • masked the natural smell of the hair (obviously since I wasn't taking a bath, yet I still sweat, my hair smell quite bad. Haha!)
I don't like:
  • It didn't make me feel refreshed.
  • the scent was too overpowering for me personally. It smelled like I sprayed too much perfume.

I initially wanted a dry shampoo because I wanted my head to feel fresher even when I didn't take a bath but this product didn't deliver. It did mask the smell of my hair but the scent was just too much. Although the scent only lasts for a couple of minutes. I didn't use this product a lot, maybe 3-4x only the entire month of my ge lai because I was scared that my baby will inhale the scent. It just didn't work for me and I don't recommend it either. I hope there'll be other brands that will carry dry shampoos in the Philippines soon. I'm pretty sure a lot of Chinese soon-to-be-moms will purchase. I know I would be willing to try. :)

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