7 Pregnancy Must Haves

When I gave birth I was already 41 weeks, so one could say I was pregnant for almost an entire year! I had my shares of ups and downs, thankfully, mostly were ups. I remember researching, watching videos and reading all about pregnancy, what to expect and what to do. Being a first time mom is quite difficult, especially if you don’t know anyone who has just given birth or are on the same boat as you. So I wanted to recap and talk about my must haves and the things that helped me and in my opinion, are essential for pregnant women.

taken during my baby shower

Bra Extenders

This is one of my smartest buys! Imagine I purchased  my bra extenders for P50/P60 per pack in the department store and I used it my entire pregnancy! I didn’t want to buy new bras because I knew that my “girls” will shrink after giving birth. Yeah, I’m cheap like that. Haha!

Morning Sickness Relief (i.e. Kiam Moy)

One of the battles during first trimester is morning sickness. Mine lasted 2-3 weeks and it was tough. I researched and read that some kind of bracelet helps, ginger ale and some injectables. But I found my relief in Kiam Moy. It was a quick relief though, it’s just a temporary thing to relieve me from nausea and not make me want to vomit every 2 seconds. I bought my stash from Aji Ichiban. Honestly, any kind of relief back then was greatly appreciated!


I only vomited 3x during my entire pregnancy, but I know that some women especially those battling with morning sickness vomits everyday! Hydrating oneself is so important! Other than that, water is obviously needed by everyone. However, pregnant women pees more so replenishing the loss liquid is critical.

Stretch Marks Lotions and Creams

No ones wants stretch marks, including me! Unfortunately, I still got stretch marks even though I religiously put stretch marks lotions and creams. But honestly, if I could turn back the clock, I won’t change a thing. I would still apply these lotions and creams because they helped relieving me from the itch and it also helped moisturize my skin. Never did I feel that my skin got dry because of my pregnancy.

Vitamins (i.e. Folic Acid, Prenatal Vitamins)

I think this is pretty self explanatory. Remember it’s not just for you but for the baby too!

Sandals (i.e. Fitflops)

I used Fitflops because it’s really comfortable and the say it helps with back problems also. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or it’s true- My lower back is really problematic. It hurts after a few hours of walking or standing up. I knew that being pregnant, it would be a bigger problem. I wore my Fitflops almost my entire pregnancy and my lower back didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Plus less chances of tripping too!

Soft non-wired bra

I didn’t buy new bras but during my 8th-10th month, I realized that a soft non-wired bra would have been more comfortable for me as my wired bras started digging into my skin. It hurt everytime I moved. If I bought a new bra, it would have been a non-wired one.

I hope this helps! Do share if you have any other must haves, maybe other pregnant women are clueless just like I was when I was pregnant. 🙂

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