Robyn's Finally Here!

Hi everyone! I’m back- or at least trying to. It has been a hectic 3 weeks and it’s all because of this little girl right here! Help me welcome Olivia Robyn to the world. πŸ™‚
 a day after coming home from the hospital
Yes I have finally given birth! I plan to do a birthing story video soon so watch out for that in my youtube channel if you’re curious on what happened. I’ll save all the details for that video as I have learned that it’s faster to just talk and film than typing. :p

 baby’s out!

I gave birth last February 19 via C-Section. I was supposed to undergo a normal delivery but my doctor had to do an emergency c-section because of cord coil. Robyn came out 10:00pm and because I was asleep the entire time, I didn’t really know what happened (I’m thankful they let us take photos inside the delivery room, so I got to witness the delivery). All I remember is hearing her cry really loudly. I was still quite groggy that time so I wasn’t able to react at once.
But when they brought her to me, all I could think about was “wow.” Again I was still groggy and kept falling back to sleep so I wasn’t really able to cherish the moment. I assume a normal delivery would entail me being able to hold my baby right away. I wasn’t able to do that. But they did make her latch, with the help of the nurses since my arms were tied.
 last photo in the hospital before heading home
I stayed in the hospital for 3 more days after that and on February 22 we were discharged and were able to finally go home.
coming home outfit
It’s so surreal that the long wait is over and she’s finally with us. Until now, I’m still fixing my new schedule, adjusting to my new lifestyle. Even with the sleepless nights, ouchy and painful breastfeeding sessions, and all the dirty work, I know that everything’s worth it- She’s worth it.
Well expect more posts about motherhood. (You can check the following tags: yellowmum, motherhood, baby) I definitely researched and read so many blogs about pregnancy  and baby stuff to help me in this journey and I hope to do that to my readers who are also expecting. πŸ™‚