Special Moments with SM Babies

Recently, I was invited to a different kind of event. I’m usually invited to beauty events because I’m a beauty blogger and a makeup artist. I was surprised to receive a wonderful invitation to a baby event. Obviously, my top priority now is my baby and making sure that we have everything we need for her. It’s very overwhelming for a first time mom like myself, but thank goodness SM really got it all for us. Even before the event, I have already purchased quite a lot of stuff from SM because of the price and the variety they offer.

SM Babies formally launched SM Babies and the event was held at the Peninsula Manila. Since I was already about to give birth, I asked my husband to accompany me “just in case.”

The entire room looked so dainty. I loved the design and decor that they put in the room. Did I mention there were lots of cupcakes too? With my sweet tooth, you could just imagine how excited I was to munch on a cupcake.

The event was hosted by Issa Litton. She looked stunning and was quite entertaining. She’s a mom herself so I did feel her sincerity when she talked about moms taking care of their kids and wanting to spend almost every moment with them.

The three endorsers of SM Babies were called to share their baby stories with us. Lexi Schulze, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Andi Eigenmann were interviewed and were kind enough to share their favorite times with their kids.
They 4 categories of SM Babies: Special Moments were also discussed. They talked about bedtime, playtime, baptismal and party time. SM indeed has everything for all these occasions. And you know what’s perfect? They’re so easy to find and so affordable too! That’s why these moms love SM.

SM Babies put together a photo exhibit called Special MomentsPilar Tuason, one of the country’s most sought-after photographers, shot 14 of Metro Manila’s loveliest moms and their little bundles of joy.

Marta Araneta and Tristan

 Juana Manahan-Yupang and Rosanna

 Tin Dychiao and Xavi
 Isabel Olondriz-Murd and Brooke

 Maia Martinez-Hing and Matt

 Andi Eigenmann and Elle

 Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez and Alejandro

 Delamar Arias and Cooper

 Angela Yeo and Helena

 Rose and Manu
Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and Jaime

 Georgia Schulze-del Rosario and Katia

 Grace Barbers-Baja and Alessi
Emillie Yupangco and Emilia

Here’s my only photo from the event. Haha! I was too busy looking at the gorgeous people around me and checking out some of the items of SM Babies.
Oh and before the event ended, Christian Bautista serenaded us. And I have to agree with what he said, “Moms are the most beautiful women in the world.”

Here’s a little preview of what SM Babies have in store:

I plan to go shopping some more after I give birth. I’m so excited! Honestly, shopping for babies is so fun! Just look at all the cute clothes and little mittens and boots. I swear, it’s so so much fun that I have to really control myself from buying too much. I promised myself to go shopping once Robyn is already here. So I’m looking forward to that! 🙂 Wee! Thank you SM and ARC PR for the invite to this fancy event!
SM Babies is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide. Like  them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/smbabiesfashion.