YELLOWMUM: Char's Sweet Safari Baby Shower

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

I'm so excited to share this post because I really am so happy for the way it turned out. I want to share with you some highlights and bits and pieces of my Sweet Safari Baby Shower.

I really wanted to have a baby shower just because I think the games would be fun and I also wanted to celebrate the coming of my first born. My sisters and my mum were kind enough to help with the decorations for the party and my friend Ceena who loves showers prepared the games.

I decided to scout for a place myself because I didn't want to bother m loved ones anymore and spend the party at their homes. My husband and I felt that it might be a hassle for them.

Finally we decided on Blushing Cupcakes Cafe which was quite near our office so it was very convenient. I talked with the staff to place all the orders and prepare everything for the party. I made sure that I didn't need to stress out anymore during the day.

So here's how the simple design looks like. I decided to print some post cards to display on the tables of the guests and to add to the decor. Unfortunately, Blushing Cupcakes Cafe didn't allow us to stick anything to their walls so we were only able to make use of one of their walls to hang the decor made by my family.

They also put some balloons all over the floor and a big Baby Girl balloon for me.

My mum also pinned this cute Party Girl pin on me; since I am the one having a party. :)

Here are some more photos of the stuff we added to the location. It's actually good that Blushing Cupcake Cafe's ambiance already suits the theme of the party. It was girly, they also had some animal print designs as place mats which was perfect for my Sweet Safari theme! I also chose purple, magenta and green as color combination for the decor. 

Here are the postcards I printed. I put a lot of effort into these and I'm so glad that hubby likes them as much as I do. :)

As for our menu. I kept it simple since it was an afternoon, snack type of affair. We chose yummy appetizers, pasta as main course and since we were in a cupcake cafe- served cupcakes for dessert!

 Chicken Fingers

 Mozarella Sticks

Chips & Dip (not in photo)

 Pesto with Chicken Pasta

 Tomato Basil with Chicken Pasta

 Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

 Assortment of dessert

Double Temptation, Carrot, Red Velvet, Blueberry and Vanilla Sunrise

Now onto the games. I was really looking forward to the games because through research I just find that baby shower games are cute and fun!

First game was My Water Broke.

At the start of the party, each guest was given an ice cube with a baby toy trapped inside. So the guests have to either play with the ice cube or do anything to get the baby toy out. Once it's out, the guest has to shout "my water broke!"

Next game was Diaper Derby.

Couple guests were given a roll of toilet paper. One of the partnered couple should be blindfolded and he/she must wrap his/her partner in a mock diaper. The couple who has the most creatively diapered "baby" wins. 

 The candidates!


Third game was Tinkle in the Pot.

So obviously peeing is a big problem for pregnant women. Imagine having to pee all the time. So this game was quite fun because the guests were able to try peeing with a huge tummy!

Each guest was given a balloon to put under his/her shirt and a quarter in between his/her knees. The  race to the jar across the room, holding the coin tightly as they waddle as fast as they can. Once at the jar, the contestant must ‘pee’ in the jar, dropping the coin neatly through the opening.

Next game's one that's pretty famous, Drink Up, Baby!

Guests were given a baby bottle with orange juice inside. And the first person to finish it wins!

Last game is another hit for baby showers, Dirty Diaper Game.

Guests were given diapers filled with "poop" and they had to eat and lick off the poop from the diaper without using their hands! It was a funny game indeed.

Of course the winners were given prizes. I wasn't able to take any photos of the prizes anymore. But it's just a little token that my mum prepared for the winners. I decided to print nice gift tags for their loot bags as well. ;)

My sisters also made a dedication board and asked the guests to sign. I already put it on top of my daughter's dresser. I'd love to be able to keep it and show her when she's older. Our guests wrote short messages for Robyn. My husband and I decided to write to her as well.

Then it was time to open presents! I decided to register at Baby Company, SM Department Store, just because I thought if would be most convenient for our guests. Some of my friends also asked me what we still needed. So we actually ended up getting things that we really still need. :)

If you haven't seen my post about the presents that we received that day, here it is- Showered with Love and Presents.

 Giddy much?

For our souvenirs, we gave each guest a Blushing Cupcake. I chose 3 flavors, Carrot, Red Velvet and Double Temptation because those were the best sellers and my favorite!

It was a hit!

Here are some more photos from the party:

The early birds who helped prepare the games, Mr. & Mrs. Ong

 with my cousins

 Some of my friends

 with the girls

 Eric Girls

 with my friends who were able to celebrate with us!

my beautiful sisters who pulled it off!

my supportive and wacky mom

Well that was basically it. What's fun is that it was the first time for all of us to attend a baby shower! :) So I was so happy when they told me that they had a lot of fun. :) Best thing? I didn't stress. Even though I wanted to stay out of it and not do anything at all, with my personality, I would still be OC about it.

It was such a wonderful event especially because my loved ones were present to celebrate our growing family. :) We can't wait to see little Robyn. So baby, please come out already. :D