YELLOWMUM: 33 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

Again, a late post because of my internet. Seriously, I don't know why I can't seem to find a good internet provider. We find that if we don't use it for a few minutes or an hour, it would just automatically close/stop. So irritating! The video is quite long too because I incorporated my huge baby haul at the end. So feel free to scroll to whatever part you like.

Right now, I'm already 35 weeks pregnant. But I was 33 Weeks pregnant for this vlog taken December 12, 2012. (I was 33 Weeks 2 Days pregnant based on my LMP.)

This month has been an amazing month just because there was a lot of changes this month. First of all, we finally saw her in 3D. It was such a wonderful experience. I went there November 26, I was 29 weeks pregnant and I went to In My Womb in SM Megamall. We got the P2000 package which included 5 colored and 5 black/white 3D photos of my baby. I didn't get the one with the video anymore just because I didn't think I needed it anyways. We found out that she looks quite like me.

I also have been getting some back aches, usually around my hip area. It's quite uncomfortable but still bearable. I just ask my husband to massage the area since I still haven't really gone to the spa just yet. I know that there are spas specializing in prenatal massage but I for one, have decided to forgo and wait until I give birth just to stay on the safe side.

Ohemgee! Stretch marks!!! My stretch marks have decided to appear. I've gotten some over the past 8 months but my belly has grown really huge this month that my skin must have been traumatized and so more stretch marks have appeared! They're even creeping up. :( I have decided to try lathering Sweet Almond Oil as base and still use my Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion.

Munchkin has become really active. Before, she would only move a lot during night times but now, she moves the whole day. I'm not complaining, I love feeling her move. But there are times when she would kick my ribs and it really really hurts! Well at least I know that she's not breached. Funny I learned that H used to always put his feet up when he was a baby. He would use the railings of his crib and sleep with his feet up. Maybe Munchkin got it from her dad. :p

I am starting to feel some mild contractions. They're not that painful, it's more on just hardening of my tummy and it would last for a couple of seconds and it's not every hour. It's just uncomfortable, I have to keep still for awhile, not walk and move so much because my belly feels weird.

Isn't it hot? I know that it's a pregnancy related issue but I am extremely hot! I can't even wear jeans or anything thick. I usually wear a tank top or loose clothing and I keep my fan with me at all times. It's extremely hot and I sweat a lot. :(

We also decided that it's time to really start buying stuff for my baby. We went to Mommy Mundo bazaar (I plan to go to the next one as well. I think it's in April.) and also went to several baby sections. I will be having my baby shower soon but we didn't want to wait for that before actually purchasing her necessities. I think we're ready in terms of clothing. We have so many socks and shoes! Gosh. She can wear 2 pairs a day! Haha!

So that's it. I'm hoping that my next pregnancy vlog will be the last. I can't wait to meet my little girl! :)