Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint + Serum

Time to share a new discovery with my beloved readers! I know I haven't been blogging regularly so I honestly have so many backlogs already. Well I'm sure you'll understand, I'm almost about to pop so I'm really in mommy mode now. Haha!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you Snoe Hyerfunction. It's a foundation and serum in one. It's got Escargot, Broccoli and Acai Berry and another nice thing? It's already got SPF20! Because of these said ingredients, aside from performing as a foundation, it's also good for healing, whitening, antioxidant and gives protection! Oh hello multi-purpose product!

I was able to get the shade X1 in Ivory Beige which is good for medium with beige undertones. I find that this shade is a little bit light on me. But you can only tell with flash photography. Their other shades are as follows:

X0 Vanilla Creme - Light with neutral undertones
X2 Warm Almond - Medium with pink beige undertones
X3 Golden Caramel - Medium with yellow undertones

Snoe Premium Cosmetics Hyperfunction Fond de Teint + Serum is a lightweight formula that gives skin perfect coverage, skin healing ingredients, antioxidant and broad-spectrum sun protection. This feel-good formula is extra emollient to instantly melt into skin and give a fresh, healthy glow. Over time, it also helps replenish and strengthen skin..

It comes in a pump and a plastic bottle. I had a hard time pumping the product out the first time I used it but was able to get the hang of it since then. I also didn't mind that it came in a plastic bottle because it meant that I didn't have to worry if it's going to break or not.

Like what the description claims, the consistency is on the wet side. It's a little runny so it took a little more time before it sets. A tip is to sit in front of an electric fan so it sets faster so you don't have to wait too long to apply powder.

 Slightly blended

 Fully blended

Aside from the texture, I wanted to talk about the scent. Honestly, this took me by surprise. I didn't really like that it smelled like perfume. I don't know if it's because of my pregnancy, but I just felt like it was too strong. I would have wanted a milder scent or maybe unscented.

Here's how it looks like on me, please take note I used daylight here:

The coverage is light to medium. It blends on the skin really well. It smoothens my skin without making it look too cakey. I'd say it looks pretty natural actually. I prefer these types of foundation because on normal days, I don't want to look like a cake face. It could cover just a few scars and blemishes but for really dark circles and pigmented scars, it's best to use a concealer too.

Be reminded that this does not have oil control properties so it's better to set with a good setting powder or powder foundation. I didn't have to retouch the entire day.

The best part is that it also has healing properties. It's not just makeup, but skin care as well. Hyperfunction contains escargot which repairs damaged skin cells, boost production of collagen and elastin, anti bacterial, scar repair, anti-acne and inflammatory. It also has broccoli which contains phytochemicals that will help reduce inflammation, and detoxify the skin. Acai is the most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. It has the highest level of antioxidant.

It is a little pricey though at P1,199. Then again, you're not only paying for a foundation but a skin care product too. 

Overall, I would use this as a "normal day foundation", just because of its coverage. For me, it doubles as moisturizer as well. I wouldn't use this on days when I need a lot of coverage, i.e. when my skin breaks out; just because I know it wouldn't cover as well. But on a regular day when I just want to perfect my skin, this is a good choice because of the benefits I get from just 1 product!


2 out of 3 Schnauzers

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.