YELLOWMUM: Showered with Love & Presents!

I talked about my Baby Shower in Twitter and my Instagram and even posted some photos and teasers. I cannot wait to show you more photos from that event and talk about one of the most fun parties ever. ;) But for now, let me show you some presents that I received from the party.

The board with "R" on it was made by my sisters who helped me with the decor! (Yes that's her initial. Hint hint!) They did an amazing job with the help of my mum. I couldn't believe they were able to pull off organizing my shower. You know how you look at your younger siblings as children right? Let's just say they've proven they can be trusted with these things! Hehe!

I decided to register at Baby Company, SM department stores the last minute because I thought that it may be too hard for my friends and family to know what we still need given that I'm due soon and we've already purchased quite a lot of things for Munchkin. Some of my friends also asked me what I still needed so I just sent them a list of what we haven't purchased just yet.

Enfant Applied Baby Carrier from Eunice: It was very thoughtful. I initially was hesitating on getting a soft baby carrier because I was afraid Munchkin will have frog legs. But upon researching, there are proper ways on how to use a soft baby carrier such as what I got. It also states that it's best to use it for 2 month old babies and up, and not with newborns.

Soft Steps Bugs Musical Mobile from Roma: This is one of the items that I listed and sent them. I was focusing more on the essentials that I almost forgot about toys. Obviously, babies would want to be entertained as well. This mobile that I got can be used for the crib and stroller. I think we'll probably use it when Munchkin already turns 1 month old or something. But it's great to already have it with us!

Nursing Mom Nursing Cover from Kath, Jenn and Jeff: Another thing from my list is Nursing Mom's nursing cover. I plan to breastfeed and that would mean nursing in public. I would definitely want to be discreet about it and now show "everything" to everyone so a nursing cover is a must. I asked for the one from Nursing Mom because it has a soft bone in front which lets you see the baby inside and actually see what you're doing. I also like the size of this nursing cover too. Good thing they found the design I wanted!

Next 9 Baby Sling  from Cee and Dennis: You can probably call me a "modern expectant mom". I researched a whole lot about baby wearing and cloth diapers and all the new gadgets and things for a baby (my mum doesn't even know about half of these things) so I definitely decided on "wearing my baby". The item that I wanted? Next 9's baby sling. I just feel like it's easier to use a ring sling and since I'm a noob, I needed something simple and easy to use. I have yet to study how to use it properly. :)

Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker from Justine, Dane and Lianne: I told my husabnd that I wanted a rocker for our baby and when we searched for rockers, we stumbled upon the Fisher Price one. We were so blown away that I told my sister I wanted it and to give it to us as a gift as a half-meant joke. ;p I didn't realize that they would really buy it for us, for Munchkin. So you can just imagine that we were over the moon when my sister told us they will be giving it to us.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns from Kath, Jenn and Jeff: My friends are spoiling Munchkin! Haha! They asked me what toiletries I wanted and I told them that I don't have any preference. Seriously, I know nothing! So I just blurted some brands and they chose Mustela. I've been hearing great things about the brand and we'll see, hopefully it works really well for my baby.

Enfant Toiletries Set for Babies from Eric: I actually didn't buy any toiletries for Munchkin, so it was perfect that my friends decided to give us toiletries as gifts. The set from Enfant was quite complete so I don't have any plans of buying any more for now. Maybe just bottom care and diaper rash ointments. I honestly don't really know what babies need as their toiletries so it's great that Eric gave us a set.

Chicco 0m+ Bottles from Diana: Another item from our list, bottles! I will be breastfeeding so initially, we decided not to buy bottles. But then I realized there may be times I would pump, and so we still need at least a few pieces. Diana read our minds! We actually registered for these specific bottles! I chose Chicco bottles because of the shape of their nipples. They said that the nipples imitate the mothers' nipples. Obviously I don't know if this is true or not, I guess we'll find out soon.

Mother's Memories for my Daughter Book from Tita Dada: My aunt was not able to make it to my baby shower but she sent me a couple of hand me downs and this book was one of the things she sent me. It was still brand new and I was excited to see it because I actually wanted to keep a journal for my baby to read when she's older. I thought of purchasing a baby album- those with spaces for my notes. I guess this book is something more detailed. :)

Enfant Baby Tools from Kat: Some more baby essentials! Kat gave us a set of baby tools that include nail clipper, nail file, comb, hair brush, tooth brush and baby scissors. We only have a nail clipper and nail file, so it was timely that we received a complete set. This is a must have for newborns. I don't think we will be using the toothbrush anytime soon though since it will take a few months before she grows teeth. But it's great that we already have a complete set, at least we don't need to buy anymore.

Our family has given us so many gifts as well so we told them not to bring anything to the party anymore. Nakakahiya. :) And honestly, aside from the gifts that we received, we were showered with so much love. We received so many compliments and congratulations and a lot of well wishes that we are overwhelmed with so much support. Being an expectant mom, my family and friends are my rock. It's very nerve wrecking thinking about giving birth and actually being responsible for another human being. But I know that I have a lot of people behind me, cheering me on, and that's more than what I can ask for. :)

3 weeks to go!