MeMeMe Boho Balm Review

Hi everyone! Have you noticed that it's not as hot anymore? December was extremely hot and it felt like the summer. But now the cool breeze has finally hit the Philippines! It's about time! I personally have been waiting for the cool weather because being pregnant, I just feel hot all the time.

Now that it's cooler and less humid, I have also been sporting a new cheek product- MeMeMe Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint. I purchased this awhile back but honestly didn't really like it initially. I felt that it was too sticky! The product was just sticky that my hair always ends up stuck to my face. However, nowadays I can already use this and actually enjoy it.

The product has 2 colors, one a darker pink with a hint of red tone in it and the other is a lighter warm pink. Both are very wearable. You can use this as a cheek color or a lip stain.

 Here are the swatches:

Well I still think that the consistency is quite sticky, although in its defense, the stickiness lasts only for a minute or two. You can go in front of a fan to help set the product quicker too. I use a stippling brush when I apply this because I find that it blends better than when I use my finger.

What I love most about it is the staying power! Even if I sweat, it still stays put until the wee hours of the night without retouching. Of course the color isn't as intense anymore, but at least you still have some cheek stain compared to a bare face. Pretty amazing right?

Here are some photos of me wearing the darker shade of cheek tint:


I also like the scent! It has this mild, vanilla-like, candy scent. It smells so good you'd want to eat it! Haha! :) I've used this on my lips to give my lips that stained look. The color doesn't lasts as long but it gives that barely there or my lips but better lip shade.

Been loving this product and I'm so happy I get to wear it now that it's a little cooler in the Metro! :) If you are looking for a cheek color that lasts without retouching, you might want to try cream products then set it with a little powder. I purchased this product from Makeup Hub by Naturale Collezione.


2 out of 3 Schnauzers