My Sister's Wedding- Jenn

One of the best things about being a makeup artist and a former bride myself is that I know exactly how my clients are feeling during their wedding day because I myself was in that position 3 years ago.

Don't be fooled by my title, it's not any of my younger sisters who got married. Haha! I was talking about my most recent client was my very very good friend Jenn. Out of all my friends she (and Kath, her twin) are like sisters to me. I love working on my friends because we're already so comfortable with each other that we chikka all the way while I'm doing their makeup. I was also Jen's makeup artist for her Tinghun/Engagement last year. But I gotta say she was just blooming the day of her wedding. :)

Jenn's Engagement

I rarely post photos of my work here on my blog anymore as I already have a separate site for my work ( Even some of my other work, I don't get to post them anymore because I don't get to take photos most of the time. However, since I finished quite early, I was able to take some photos of Jenn during her hotel preparations. I was so lucky to have witnessed her transform into a beautiful bride.

Sweet moment with her neice.

I also did her mom's makeup as well. Just kept it simple and gave her berry lips which she happens to be fond of too!

Parents of the Bride

Here are my sisters! Yes they are twins. :)

Kath (Stylestat) and Jenn

 I love you sis! Welcome to the Wifey Club!
And here's a picture of some of our other friends during the reception. I don't have the softcopy of our photobooth pics just yet, so here's one taken by H.

Kath, Carol, Me, Des
Dress from Pois Belly & Kids