My Shopping Experience

What is a homemaker expectant mom to do on a boring day? Go online shopping of course! I don't really shop online that much aside from makeup. I don't know, I guess I still prefer seeing the actual product and feeling it first before purchasing. However, I was really bored and since I'm already "nesting", I really wanted to start buying stuff for munchkin.

And so I checked out I wanted to see what deals they have. You see, Lazada is not only an online shop but it also offers good deals to customers. There are several products on sale or discounted prices. So after an hour or so of looking at the catalog, I decided to purchase munchkin's very first cloth diaper!

After filling out the form, I chose COD as payment method. Yes, the best thing about Lazada is that you don't have to deposit in a bank for your payment, you can pay your orders when it's already delivered to your doorstop. How awesome is that?

A couple of clicks later, I received my order confirmation:

They said that I should expect the delivery after 2-5 working days. I was so surprised when I received the package 2 days after placing my order. Hooray for fast and on time delivery! I then paid P272.00.

It was such a great shopping experience and it was really very convenient too! So I am definitely shopping more stuff from the site again.

Moving on to what I bought, I got a Happy Baby Cloth Diaper. I got the orange color because it was on sale for only P272.00. Retail price was P320.00 if I'm not mistaken. It's not so bad, it's gender neutral and I think this would work even for my second baby. ;p And since it's my very first cloth diaper, I just wanted to purchase one piece just to be sure that I'd like it.

This is how the inside looks like:

I feel like it's a little bit too sheer but I can't really review it just yet because I don't know how it will hold up liquids. I like that it has multiple snaps/buttons so I can adjust it to my baby's size.

Now it also comes with an insert as well. Unfortunately, I find the insert to be too thin so I'll probably use another brand's inserts. That's the good thing about these diapers. They're usually a standard size so buying other brand's inserts won't be a problem.

I'm excited to shop and purchase at Lazada again. I'll keep you guys updated on my next purchase! :D