CO: K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer

I know I haven't done a Current Obsession post for so long, so I decided to post one now! :)

It is sooo hard to leave the house with absolutely no makeup on but I try to do one or two days without it just to let my skin breathe. However, there are days (most of the time) when I feel like I just need to cover some imperfections, and by that I mean my undereye area.

The first makeup I ever bought for myself was a concealer. Growing up with combination skin means getting pimples every now and then and of course, who never experienced sleeping so late and looking like a panda the next morning? Those were my woes back then and up until now, I always say that I cannot live without concealers. As far as I know, I have found my perfect companion in K-Palette's Zero Kuma Concealer.

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer works to hide undereye circles and skin discoloration naturally and flawlessly. After applying, your eyes will instantly look more awake! The long-lasting, light weight eye concealer is also formulated with beauty serum to care for your sensitive eye areas while concealing your eye imperfection. Available in 3 different shades with 3 different beauty serums!

 01- moisturizing, most commonly used
02- brightening for dull skin and pigmentation
03- improve blood circulation

Here are the swatches:

Why do I say it's the best concealer I've tried so far? Let me count the ways.
1. Very nice packaging. It's very sanitary and I would use it for my clients as well.
2. A little goes a long way.
3. The colors are more on the peachy side, which is perfect for undereye concealing.
4. It is highly pigmented and very creamy.
5. It doesn't crease on my folds.
6. Once set with a little bit of loose powder, it stays on the entire day!
7, It looks really natural, especially Type 01.

Nada. Some people may say that it's quite pricey, but a tube will last for months!

Here are some photos to prove how perfect the product is!

 Left- Type 03
Right- no concealer

 Left- Type 03 and 02
Right- no concealer

 Used Type 03 and 02 on top

I took these photos and video when I just started my second trimester. So you can imagine how stressed I was with my morning sickness and how I weak I was from all the nausea. But with just a little bit of concealing, I look so much well rested already! Sometimes you can cheat with makeup! :p

I honestly love this product to bits! I don't use all of the 3 concealers all together everytime, sometimes I just use Type 01 or 03 alone and it still looks really good. :)

I highly recommend K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. I assure you you won't be disappointed. You simply got to check it out! They're available at all branches of Beauty Bar.

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.