YELLOWMUM: 16 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

Welcome to YELLOWMUM! It's my new category sharing with you my journey as an expectant mum! :)

Today, I'm actually 18 weeks 2 days pregnant but since I haven't been able to update my blog awhile, I am just sharing my 16 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog just now. I thought about making vlogs about my pregnancy because I actually keep a journal (yes, a diary that I write in almost everyday) however when the morning sickness kicked in, I couldn't continue with it anymore. I was just too weak. And since I feel like talking is easier, I decided why not just make vlogs that will serve as my online journal and even be able to help other expectant moms out there too. I, for one, watch pregnancy vlogs every week. I feel like they help me so much and explain to me what or why I am feeling a certain way. Somehow I realize that "oh okay, this is normal. It's not just me who experience or feel this."

So yes, here is my first pregnancy vlog. It is pretty long because I talked about the entire 16 weeks of my pregnancy. That's a long time so a lot has happened in period. I'm thinking of doing this monthly or maybe once every 2 months so it won't be as long as this first one.

I really hope this vlog helps my fellow preggies out there! :D