Snoe White Detox Clay Mask

There are some products that I feel like they’re my unsung heroes. I use them on rotation and I have always liked them but for some reason I haven’t really talked about them yet. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I feel like they will always always be there when I need them- that I forget?!
One of my skin care unsung heroes is Snoe White Vitamin C Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask. I feel like I have been using this product forever. It’s a clay mask that I normally put on my face when I feel like my face needs a breather and my skin is just so tired. Exactly like the name, it’s a skin detox.

Indeed, I look like a “smurf” when I have it on but it just works. I feel like my pores tighten somehow, my skin is deeply cleansed but not squeaky dry and at times when I have break outs, it also helps dry my zits faster.

The smell is also intoxicating! It may be because of the calamansi ingredient mixed with the clay. But most of all, I love the texture. I’ve always had a fondness to clay masks. And so far the 2 that I have and I use on rotation are both perfect and effective!

I wonder what your favorite detox skin care regimen is? If you haven’t tried Snoe White yet, I suggest you go ahead and check it out. It always does wonders for my skin. I hope it does to you too. 🙂