Colour Collection Triple Treat Color Stick

One of the facts that my readers would know about me is that I like lip colors- a whole lot! It's really something that I need to give myself a little color. I usually bring at least 2 colors in my purse everytime I go out.

One of the lip colors that I find myself bringing when I travel is my Colour Collection Triple Treat Lip, Cheek, Eye Color Stick in Lots of Rose. I really like this stick because of the pretty pink shade. Also, it's a multi purpose product which I really like because with only 1 product, you can already achieve a complete look!

They say that this can be used for the lips, cheeks and eyes. I have only used it for my lips and cheeks though. It's matte and it's pretty dry. When I use it for my lips, I make sure to put lip balm first because it's dry. However, I feel like the reason why it's dry is because you can use it for the cheeks and eyes. Imagine if it's sticky and you have to put it on your eyelid, that's just strange. :p

When I put it on my cheeks, that's when I thank the heavens that it's not moisturizing. It just felt like I was putting on a blush. It also looks very natural on me- looks like I am just blushing. ;)

I haven't tried it on as eyeshadow yet because I have really really oily lids and I don't know how to apply it yet. :p From my past experience, when I apply cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow sticks, they tend to crease on me. Well, let me update you guys when I do.

Here are some swatches:

 Applied straight from the tube

 Slightly blended

And here's a photo of me wearing it on my cheeks and lips when I visited Baguio:

What do you think? I wonder if you're also open to using a multi-purpose product and what products those are? :) Share!

Disclaimer: Product given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.