Basics: Eyebrow Routine

One of the most requested videos from me is how I do my eyebrows or my eyebrow routine. I have several ways on how to do my eyebrows depending on the need. Same thing with my clients, it really depends on the need of the client and the event.

So here's how I usually do my eyebrows. It's my super easy way to do it. However, I'll also try to record another video of me using an eyebrow pencil and my eyebrow liner so you can have options.

I normally wear fuller looking brows because it makes me look younger. Just remember that the thinner your eyebrows are, the less youthful it makes you. (Trust me, I have sported thin eyebrows before and it doesn't work for me. Haha!)

Products Used:
Model Co Eyebrow Designer Kit in Dark (only used the powder)
MAC Brow Set in Beguile

Tools Used: available at Dream Collection's site
Suesh Eyebrow Brush from 21s Set
Suesh Spoolie from 21s Set

Do let me know if this is quite easy for you. I'll try to record more soon! :D