Titania Soft Touch Press Launch

We usually take care of our skin because we know that that's the first thing people look at. But actualy aside from our skin, people notice the most used and can I say "abused?" part of our body, our hands and feet. I am a nail salon goer. I usually have my regular mani pedi and cleaning. I always mess up when I try to do it myself. I've always thought that I just suck at it or maybe I just didn't have the right tools?

I was invited to the launch of Titania's new line, Soft Touch. If you're not familiar with Titania, well you're about to find out!

The place was packed with excited media because they were treated to an on-the-spot cleaning and foot massage. We were asked to choose between the two and I personally chose cleaning.

When it was time to take a seat and enjoy out food. I realized that their food was German inspired too. Obviously because Titania is made in Germany.

The host that day was none other than Mia of Magic 89.9.She's one of my most favorite DJs. So it was so great hearing her host live! I guess I don't have yo say it anymore but of course, she did great!

Ms. Jonnie Ong gave us a brief history of Titania.

German brand Titania is the leading European manufacturer of hand, foor and nail care implements. It recentlu launched the Soft Touch line for women and its state-of-the-art products include the nail cutter, cuticle nipper, corn cutter, cuticle cutter and pusher, and four different kinds of foot files to suit one's needs.
Titania's Soft Touch products are all made with a unique coating, which achieves a non-slip grip. At the same time, they are all ergonomically shaped, making it easier to use even on hard-to-reach spots.

John Robert Powers (JRP) was also there to talk about proper usage of Titania tools and why it's important to have clean fingernails and well groomed feet. I personally feel strongly about it because I feel like cleaning and taking care of one's hands and feet also rejuvenates our mind and our senses. And with nice nails and toenails, it somehow shows that you have a good character.

We also learned a lot from the demo that they did in front too.

Bianca Roque was introduced as Titania's fitting brand ambassador. Bianca is a celebrity VJ, host and endorser. She has always been someone that I admire. Her hosting skills- perfection! She was so down to earth too. I first met her last year at an event she hosted.

She explains that real beauty manifests in how one carries herself and is not only about being pretty on the outside. And because she is always in front of the camera, her overall appearance is very important.

"In my line of work, appearance and self-confidence is essential, but what is also important is the proper care of my feet which takes me around, and my hands and nails which are always near the microphone, making them my most visible accessory. After all, healthy, fresh, soft hands and feet say a lot about a person," she muses.

I feel like Titania chose the perfect brand ambassador. Her views about beauty, fitness and health fits the vision of Titania. Bianca is gorgeous, sweet and she takes good care of her inner and outer beauty. Something that every woman should do.

I was able to talk to DJ Mia and Bianca and ask what their beauty secrets are:

Got to bring home these goodies!

And finally, here's a FOTD. I wasn't able to take any other photos of myself though. Boo me. Haha! :p

For more information about Titania's Soft Touch and Bianca's updates as its first and only female Philippine brand ambassador, like them on facebook and follow on twitter! The Soft Touch line is already available in all leading department stores nationwide.