Snoe SunTervention Bloggers Convention

I know a lot of people have been waiting for my Snoe SunTervention Bloggers Convention. Sorry it took awhile but here it is! Very excited to share with you what happened during the event.

It was supposed to be a summer theme, unfortunately it rained and got humid. But that did not stop us from having so much fun! Why not? Girls, makeup, skin care, hot men, so many chickas!

They gave us tropical drinks as we enter and there were booths that showcase their new products. I was able to try the newest Hair Heroes Extreme. It smelled so wonderful! The other bloggers were able to wear the false eyelashes of Snoe.

I loved the summery feel of the designs and interiors! I told Lan that really went all out and stepped it up from last year's event! Although last year's event was really great too. An event I'd remember because since then, Snoe has become one of my favorite local brands.

The event was hosted by Nyan Volante. Yes, she is Nyoy's sister. :) She did a great job actually. We were all entertained with her upbeat persona.

Then Jen Diaz, CEO of Snoe, took the floor and showed us what's new in Snoe. They have so many new products and are also formulating more!

 Some of the new products of Snoe

 SunTervention Serious Sun Protection
SPF 80++

The star of the show! It's summer and a lot of us are going to the beach or going out in the sun, so it's so important to protect our skin from sun damage, cancer and other sickness caused by the heat of the sun.

I'll be doing a First Look post about it soon. :)

 Oh My Wash! Intimate Wash

This is what I have been waiting for! I was so excited when I learned that they have 4 different scents to choose from! Review coming up as well. :)

 Star Night Star Bright

Their newest toner! I might try this one out since Shen said that it's really good. :) I haven't tried it yet though, but it looks promising.

Hair Heroes Extreme

The newest addition to Hair Heroes! It is enriched with Emu and Acai. According to the Snoe team, this variant has a straightening balm to make your hair straighter and shinier. I actually tried this and I loved the smell. I remember Donnarence and I kept talking about it.

For entertainment, some sales agents from Snoe's team showcased their fire dancing skills!!!

Another special activity? Well, let's just say it got really really HOTTTT!

Some of the bloggers were picked to apply the new SunTervention sunblock on the hot papas! And well, yeah apparently I was one of those ladies. Haha!

And to put the sunblock to good use, the boys took a dip in the pool and another batch of ladies were picked to dry them up! Haha!

Moving on, there were also games for the bloggers.



 Irene, Martha and Tara

We were also given Snoe Money, which is basically gift certificates to use to buy our own Snoe products.

 My friend Katherine

I really had such a great time especially meeting new people who share the same passion as me.

 with Bec, Gie, Janine

It was so nice to see the other bloggers that I met from the event last year and I'm glad to have met other bloggers too.

 with Aya

I was also able to meet a sweet reader of mine, Kim. Here's a photo of us together with Irene, Kim's sister in law. :)

Snoe is definitely one of my most favorite local brands! Well thought of products, uber cute packaging and really good quality!

And here's a picture of me, my friend Katherine and Jen and Lan of Snoe. We missed you Gen!

As for the things that I bought, here they are:

Hair Heroes Intense Argan oil
Oh My Wash! in The Supermodel
SunTervention SPF 80++
Snoe Magic Apple Whitening Scrub
Snoe White Whitening Detox Clay Mask