Hair Makeover (Cut & Treatment)

You've probably seen how long my hair already is. I don't really get haircuts a lot, I think mainly because I'm too lazy to go to the salon. I received David's Salon cash vouchers from Bloggers United last December. I saved it for until my hair reaches my waist. I challenged myself to grow it to my waist (unfortunately it didn't.) Haha!

 This is how long my hair was!

So after I got back from my Roxas trip, I decided to drop by David's Salon New Alimall branch. I chose to get a medium length hair because I don't like "fly aways" and I never really thought short hair suits me.

Miss Ruby who was my hairstylist that day gave me layers and even front layers to frame my face. She also gave me side swept bangs to cover my forehead. Haha! And also for more style in the front.

As for my hair treatment, I got Protein Treatment. It's better than just the regular hot oil treatment because they said that the effects stay longer. I think that this is true, I felt like my hair remained very soft even after 4 days after treatment. But you know what, it smelled so similar to Sensoria.

So anyways, here's the result:

I liked the length of my cut but realized that my side swept bangs is a little distracting. Haha! But I can always just use a hair clip. :)

What do you guys think? It's so great that I got it cut because it's been sooo hot lately. I'm not really scared of cutting it this short because my hair grows relatively fast. :) Thank you for all those who tweeted me and posted on my facebook hair suggestions!